Hi. I'm Allison but everyone calls me Ally. Just about four to five years ago I received a letter stating I was accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I met three kids in my first year, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and............ Ronald Weasley. As I got older I started to have feelings for Ron. because were really good friends I felt as if I dated him everything would be weird. So when he asks me out to the Yule ball i'm not sure what to feel. Should I say yes or no? You can find out.


7. The Asking

     ALLY'S P.O.V          A lot of boys keep asking me the same question. If i'll go to the ball with them, and I keep having to let them down with the same answer," I'm sorry, but I'm already  going with someone," I say to them. They asked me who, but I never said. Ron started to get angry. He always kept me by his side and away from other boys like Seamus, Dean, Neville and even Harry. But, when he had the chance, Harry came up to me and asked," Will you go to the ball with me, please don't hit me..," and put his face up to his hands to block him when I hit, and he peered at me between small cracks between his fingers. Realizing it wouldn't come he slowly yet quickly removed his hands to see me with an angry face. As of this time I had a bit of a different answer. " Harry, I'm going with your best friend," I screamed at him. As harry deciphered this with his mouth a gap, Ron stormed over and pushed Harry away. Still with his mouth open he didn't respond, and we walked away." He asked you didn't he?" He asked me. "Yes." I said slowly not exactly sure what his reaction would be. Then he took me to the common room, and since it was Saturday morning almost no one was there[or awake period]. It was pretty cold outside so he asked me if I wanted to go to Hogsmead. Surely enough I said yes so I went up to my dormitory and got my hat, gloves, scarf, and coat. Because we were fourth years, we already handed our permission slips last year for Hogsmead.          LAVENDERS P.O.V           I was just coming out of the bathroom when I saw Ally ready to go to Hogsmead when I asked her, "Where're you going?" even though she knew I already knew where she was going she replied," To Hogsmead." And then I asked who she was going with, she said hesitantly," With a friend," and then when I realized I wasn't getting any other answers out of her I stalked off knowing she was going with Ron.

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