Hi. I'm Allison but everyone calls me Ally. Just about four to five years ago I received a letter stating I was accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I met three kids in my first year, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and............ Ronald Weasley. As I got older I started to have feelings for Ron. because were really good friends I felt as if I dated him everything would be weird. So when he asks me out to the Yule ball i'm not sure what to feel. Should I say yes or no? You can find out.


9. Hogsmeade

     ALLY'S P.O.V          "WOW." I know I had seen Hogsmeade before but this time was different. I was with Ron. I had been dreaming of this since like the first year. I looked at him slowly and time stopped for a little bit. It felt like it was just the two of us, and I just stared for a while. He turned to me and smiled." So where should we go first," he asked me. " Well there's The Three Broomsticks, the tea shop on the corner, Zonkos joke shop, the coffee shop, The Owl Emporium." "Can we go to The Three Broomsticks?" I asked "Sure lets go," he said offering his arm to me. I gradually took it and we both skipped off towards The Three Broomsticks. " You go find a table, I'll order, do you want a Butterbeer?" "Yes, that would be lovely," and I walked off to find a table. All of a sudden, I felt a jerk go through my shoulder. It was Draco Malfoy, surprisingly he was only with Pansy Parkinson. What're you doing here Mudblood, people like you shouldn't even be allowed in the school, let alone this pub." "For the last time Malfoy, leave her alone," Ron said as he suddenly came up beside me and we just walked off and sat down at a table far away from them. "Look, I know tha-" I cut him off. " Ron, I'm used to it, he's just a jerk. Not even he can ruin this for me." We drank our Butterbeer and left.          RON'S P.O.V          Next we went to Zonkos. I really appreciate that Ally has a sense of humor, otherwise she would never survive Easter break considering Fred and George. I threw a rubber chicken just to hear her laugh. I started to think a lot about spring break. She would share a room with Ginny, she'll have packed her own clothes and I haven't worked out the rest of the details just yet. We were heading to the exit when she pulled me aside between two tight shelves put her arms around my neck whispered "Thank you." pulled me closer and kissed me. At first I was surprised and my eyes were wide open but I sank deeper in love with her and with what felt like months we spread apart. and we left both with a smug smile on our faces. We had spent practically the whole day in Zonkos not buying anything but just having fun to our hearts content. It was dark and it started to snow. It was just us besides some couples who were boarding some carts. Ally and I got in a cart alone and we were off towards the castle. Ally put her head on my shoulder and held my hand until we got there "Goodnight," we said together, as we parted for out dormitories. I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and we finally left each others side, and let our hands go.

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