Hi. I'm Allison but everyone calls me Ally. Just about four to five years ago I received a letter stating I was accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I met three kids in my first year, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and............ Ronald Weasley. As I got older I started to have feelings for Ron. because were really good friends I felt as if I dated him everything would be weird. So when he asks me out to the Yule ball i'm not sure what to feel. Should I say yes or no? You can find out.


1. Dreams

  ALLY'S P.O.V.  


     I awoke to the annoying beeps of my alarm clock at seven-thirty AM. Even though I have the same dream every night about the same person, I was happy today.

Today was the day I went back to Hogwarts. Which also meant I got to see Ron again.

I immediately rushed to the bathroom just to see in the mirror my messy reddish hair and my bulging bright blue eyes, complimented by my light freckles. I brushed my hair and teeth and washed my face and ran back to my room with my brushes and tooth paste to pack my clothes [ I already packed my wand,other school supplies and ticket] in my big suitcase with the letters A.L.T labeled on it. Standing for Allison Loren Thorpe.

I awoke my mum dad and three sisters. They were triplets about two years younger than me. "DANNY, JESS, JEN. WAKE UP!" I screamed at the three of them whilst pulling the sheets from over them. Danny was short for Daniella, Jess was short for Jessica, and Jen was short for Jenna. We all got along pretty well considering we were all witches.

They're in their second year. Were also muggle-borns. And no matter what Malfoy says, the original name isn't mud-blood. Mud-blood meant dirty blood. Malfoy is a pure-blood, meaning he was born of both a witch and wizard family. A half-blood was either a witch or wizard but not both. We all scarfed down breakfast as fast as we could and got in the car to go to kings cross station.

"WAIT!" I screamed as we were pulling out of the driveway. "I have to get Starr!" Starr was my owl. She was a snowy owl. I quickly got out of the car, ran upstairs and got Starr, then came rushing back down with her and got in the car. It was ten-thirty. We drove about 8 numbers over speed limit and got there just in time. It was just ten-forty. We got out of the car and ran to platforms nine and ten and we all ran through the barrier, and came out the other side.

Just as we got through I saw someone with tall with red hair and dark blue eyes waving at me.

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