Best Friends Forever?

Sapphire is just a typical teenage girl. Dirty blonde, clear blue eyes, freckles and a kind smile. She likes reading and talking, but isn't very good at making friends. That's why she gets torn apart when her best friend Niall Horan has to leave her.
She thought they would be best friends forever but obviously his career plans thought other wise.


4. This is not a date.

I wake up to my familiar ring tone. I unlocked my phone to see that Niall is trying to reach me. 

"Hello are you awake?" asks a familiar voice. 

"Well I am now!" I exclaim choosing an outfit for the day. Niall laughed apologising. 

"So do you want to meet me at Starbucks today?" Niall asked eagerly. 

"Sure I guess it would be fun," I reply. We sat in silence a little bit listening to each other breathing. Quickly an awkward thought crossed my mind. 

"But it's not a date," I add sternly. I felt Niall smirk through the phone. 

"Cya at 1:00 this afternoon." Then Niall's hangs up. I put on some comfortable jeans, a tank top with the words 'stay weird' written on the front and my beige flats. I slipped my iPhone in my jeans pocket and flagged down a taxi. 



Niall is already waiting for me. 

"Hey, what drink do you want? I'll pay," he said taking out some cash. 

"I'll have a Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino," I said sitting down. Niall was soon back and we began chatting. We talked a lot more about life, career paths, that sort of thing. We were both finished our drinks and I was getting slightly bored. 

"Want to go for a walk in the park?" I suggested. Niall nodded and we left. It was really nice weather so we just walked around. It was getting late so I decided to head home. 


I turned around saying good bye to Niall. When suddenly he grabbed my hand and spun me around. Holding his hands on my waist, pulling me closer. It was a weird feeling. He put his face closer to mine. Suddenly Ryan's hurt face flashed through my mind. I pulled away from Niall and ran away. Leaving him confused and slightly hurt. 

In the taxi I sat shaking slightly. Thinking about what had just happened. Was Niall hitting on me? Did he think he could just appear suddenly and start dating me. I shivered thinking what could of happened if I hadn't pulled away. I decided to get out of the taxi early and go to the super market. 

I bought Skittles and a packet of Reese's Buttercups. Then I walked all the way back to my apartment. I sat down on the couch, not bothering to take off my shoes. I opened the things I bought and began to eat away. I turned on the TV and started watching The Simpsons.


Suddenly I felt guilt building inside of me and little tears began rolling down my face. What was I going to do about Niall? 


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