Best Friends Forever?

Sapphire is just a typical teenage girl. Dirty blonde, clear blue eyes, freckles and a kind smile. She likes reading and talking, but isn't very good at making friends. That's why she gets torn apart when her best friend Niall Horan has to leave her.
She thought they would be best friends forever but obviously his career plans thought other wise.


1. Strange Meeting.

~Two years ago~ 

"Please don't leave me!" I beg grabbing onto Niall's shirt. 

"I am really sorry Sapphire, I'll visit you whenever I can," he explains. Holding me in a big bear hug. I held onto him, making sure I remembered all his features. 

"Bye love," he whispered letting me go. I couldn't believe Niall my best friend was just leaving me. All because of a lucky X-Factor audition. I collapsed onto my couch sobbing into my favourite pillow. Niall and I had bought it at IKEA when we had first moved into our apartment. At that moment I realised I had some feelings for Niall and I couldn't bear letting him go. 



It's been two years since Niall left me and you know what? I am pretty much over him. I miss him of course but it feels like he's completely forgotten about me. He doesn't call much and our texts are short. I have a new best friend her name is Emma. She's very tall, has dark hair/brown eyes, she's got these huge glasses and she always gets amazing grades. I also have a new boyfriend he's name is Ryan and he's so amazing. I love him. 

Wanna go shopping? 

I turn my phone on and find a text from Emma. I text her back saying yes I then get ready. I put on some shorts and my Mickey Mouse hoodie. Then I tie my hair into a messy bun. I catch a taxi and meet Emma at our favourite smoothie bar. She's already sitting there drinking a berry smoothie. 

"Hey Emma," I say sitting beside her.

"What's up," she smiles finishing her smoothie. Suddenly we hear screams coming from outside. We walk over to the glass window and see crying, screaming girls. Holding signs and chanting. I give Emma a puzzled look and follow her outside. Suddenly she begins jumping up and down. 


"It's One Direction!!" she squeals. She's so obsessed with that boy band. I think there ok but I don't really listen to their music. One of them is called Niall and I hate being reminded of him.

"We HAVE to meet them," Emma laughs. "It's my dream!" I roll my eyes as she drags me over to the screaming fans. We squeeze ourselves through the crowd edging closer and closer to the boys. I stop suddenly feeling uncomfortable but Emma pushes on. Suddenly someone crashes into me. 

"What the," I whisper, catching myself before I fell. The boy who ran into me stood up all the girls seemed to be rushing over to him. His blonde hair fell in a familiar way. I caught a glimpse of his face. His clear blue eyes and nose were so familiar I was almost scared. Suddenly images of Niall and I flashed in my mind. The boy who bumped into me was Niall, he was right there in front of me. He obviously noticed me too because is face was in complete shock. Girls began to stand in between us and I suddenly I couldn't see Niall anymore. 


"OMG! I got a picture with Harry and Louis!" Emma grabbed my arm dancing around. I forced a smile at her but my heart wasn't in it. I hadn't ever told Emma about Niall and I was just completely shocked. But Ryan knew and I had to tell him immediately. 

"I am going to go home..." I whispered beginning to text Ryan. 

I need you. be over at mine in an hour?

I took the taxi home and rushed inside. Fear and shock over coming my body. Someone knocked at the door and I opened it, to see Ryan's concerned but kind expression. I collapsed into his eyes and began to explain. 




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