Best Friends Forever?

Sapphire is just a typical teenage girl. Dirty blonde, clear blue eyes, freckles and a kind smile. She likes reading and talking, but isn't very good at making friends. That's why she gets torn apart when her best friend Niall Horan has to leave her.
She thought they would be best friends forever but obviously his career plans thought other wise.


5. Naive Niall.

In the morning I walked slowly to the shower. As I stepped out again I saw my phone blinking. A text from Niall. I ignored it and got dressed. My pink sweatpants and a black flowy shirt. I blow dried my hair and put it in a messy pony tail. I wasn't planning on doing anything today, besides lazing around on the couch with my thoughts. I ate some cereal and flicked on the TV. Suddenly my phone blinked again, another text. How more irritating can you get. I unlocked my phone and gaped. 10 missed calls from Niall. 

Please answer me, we have to talk. I had a lot of fun yesterday and I want to know what happened at the end. I read the text over and over, wondering what to reply. 'Nothing happened yesterday!' I thought. I decided I better call Niall back, it was mean to ignore him and he didn't know what was going on. I dialled his number and he answered straight away, he was probably sitting there waiting for me. 


"Hello," he said calmly. I sat quietly for a little bit. 

"Are you there any more?" he asked. I laughed. 

"Yeah sorry, I was thinking," I replied. 

"So...what happened yesterday? Like at the end of our date," he asked a bit worriedly. I scoffed. 

"It wasn't a date!" I stated. Niall laughed nervously. 

"But what happened? Why did you push away?" he asked more forced. 

"Niall I have to tell you something," I sighed. I heard him shuffle around a bit, probably getting comfortable. 

"I-I-I," I began, I couldn't bring myself to tell Niall about my boyfriend. 

"I love you," Niall whispered and then hung up. 


I sat back on the couch startled. Sinking into it. Why hadn't I told Niall about Ryan before!? That would've made things a lot easier. My phone blinked again. Yet another text from Niall. How could he just leave and then come back thinking this was alright. I groaned as I read the text.

Meet me at my house 5:00 tonight? 




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