Best Friends Forever?

Sapphire is just a typical teenage girl. Dirty blonde, clear blue eyes, freckles and a kind smile. She likes reading and talking, but isn't very good at making friends. That's why she gets torn apart when her best friend Niall Horan has to leave her.
She thought they would be best friends forever but obviously his career plans thought other wise.


9. Awkward...

Emma had slept over at my place and she had comforted me the whole night. My familiar ring tone began to play and I was shocked to see the caller was Ryan. I picked it up and we began talking, all the while Emma was looking at me eagerly. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Emma went to open and I noticed that Ryan had hung up. I sighed but then heard excited giggling. "I better be going," Emma exclaimed gathering her stuff. The door slammed shut and I looked around confused. Suddenly I was staring into Ryan's  kind brown eyes. He gave me a hug and I started mumbling my apologies.

"Shh," he whispered. "I know it wasn't your fault." He pressed his warm finger to my lips. Signalling me to be quiet. He then replaced his finger with his lips and we began kissing. It felt a little awkward and heated. I finally pulled away and Ryan scooped me up bridal style. He ran up into my room and threw me lightly onto the bed. I giggled as he pulled the cover over us. 

"I am really sorry for exploding at you and not listening," he whispered. I shook my head. 

"No I am sorry I didn't tell Niall about us, otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did," I told him. He nodded and we sat in silence for a little bit. It wasn't a very reassuring silence more leaning to the awkward side. I started day dreaming about Niall a bit but shook it off. I was with Ryan remember? I sat up and then heard a knock at the door. 

"No I'll get it, you relax." Ryan said jumping out of my bed. He fixed his hair and walked over to the door. There was a silence and then Ryan growled. "You better come down here Sapphire."


I stopped in my steps as I saw who was standing at the door. Niall? What was he doing here? 

" I just wanted to apologise for what happened," he said. He stared at the ground and awkwardly handed me a bouquet of lilies.  I smiled as I smelled in the familiar scent. They were my favourite flowers and Niall had remembered that. Ryan looked at me a angrily. He really didn't like this thing between Niall and I. 

"It's ok. I should've told you about Ryan in the first place," I said shaking my head at myself. He smiled and I gestured for him to come inside. I felt Ryan glare at the back of my head. I grabbed his arm. 

"He's still my best friend I am going to be polite," I whispered to him. He sighed but nodded understandingly. 

"Tea? Coffee?" I asked Niall. He laughed, "Beer?" I shook my head laughing at Niall's suggestion. 

"I will have coffee," he answered. I walked away to the kitchen knowing Ryan also wanted coffee. 


I was had just finished the drinks and was putting some cookies on a plate when I heard hushed whispering coming from the living room. I crept over and saw Niall and Ryan arguing. Oh no.

I walked over standing in front of them. Putting my hands on my hips. 

"Seriously?" I groan. They looked up at me, a little guilty.      

"Who do you like better out of us two?" Ryan asked sternly. I sighed shaking my head. This was so stupid! 


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