The Carolinian Tide

In North Carolina, On The beach of Emerald Isle...A fight is held. It is called, The Carolinian War. Of course you may not be a local. But I am. My name is Jessa. I live on hill by the beach. It's pretty rough when you live here. Because of the Carolinian War. But when I fight in the war, I meet an amazing boy. He helps me through the whole fight, And when he does...We become closer than ever.


1. The Tide Of a Lover

 (Please Note that 100% Of The blurb or bio of the story is not true. This book is fiction.)


     The day of The Carolinian War was tommorow. I'm guessing it would come by fast. I fight in this war. And it scares me. I know only the toughest people fight. But inside, I'm as fragile as China. But last year they lost. Lost 87 residents. That's why I'm fighting this time. But I've been trained my whole life. My Dad trained me. But now he is dead. I only live with my mom and my 13 year old sister. Her name is Paris. Paris and Mom are really stressed out. Mom should be. Her 15 year old is going to fight in a hard war. But luckily we will have people from Florida coming to help us. We will be fighting Russians that travel over seas. I still gotta pack though. I already can feel the sadness.

     I go through my Dad's weapons and smile. I find knives, bullets, and guns. I pack it all. Mom smiles and wipes a tear. "You know that we are proud of you." she says. I smile. "Mom...Don't worry. I would die for my beach. And you know it!" I get in bed and sleep.


   I wake up crying. Dreams and nightmares...I wipe my tears and walk into the kitchen. I pour a glass of sweet tea and drink it. It was 4 am. I guess I can get up now. I put on tight jeans and a tight black shirt. I put on black boots and tie them up. I put on a forest green jacket and button it up. If I made it through this fight, I'd be super proud. I pack extra clothes. I brush my hair out and let my dark brown hair curl up. I wake up Paris and fix her hair. "I dont want you to go..." Paris says. "I have to." I say. I braid her long blonde hair.


   We walk out on the beach where everyone prepared. My eyes shift to the ocean. Where I surfed, and grew up. But now...It's a battlefield.


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