The Carolinian Tide

In North Carolina, On The beach of Emerald Isle...A fight is held. It is called, The Carolinian War. Of course you may not be a local. But I am. My name is Jessa. I live on hill by the beach. It's pretty rough when you live here. Because of the Carolinian War. But when I fight in the war, I meet an amazing boy. He helps me through the whole fight, And when he does...We become closer than ever.


2. A Team

    I look at the few people from Florida. I see a boy hugging his Mom. I sigh and look and Mom and Paris. They all give me a group hug. I sat in the sand and prepared my weapons. I put on a belt and stuck the knife in the knife pocket. The boy I saw earlier walks over to me. My mom takes Paris to the house. "Hey. You must be Jessalyn?" they boy says. His blue/green eyes sparkling. "Yeah. Call me Jessa. And you are?" I ask as I put my bag on my back. "I'm Colton." I stand up. "Nice name." He smiles. "Yours too." He says. Mom walks over. "Jessalyn, Ellie is here to see you." I gasp and run to Ellie. Ellie is my best friend. She will be fighting too. "Hey Ell." She hugs me and puts her black hair in a bun. She was a really beautiful, Irish girl. She moved here when she was 5. "Hey Jessa."

  After everyone met and introduced them selves we were saying goodbyes. Mom hugs me. "Please try your best....I will miss you very much honey." Mom says. I cry and we bot hug. I wipe my tears. Me and Ellie held hands. We got on our boat. Colton sat by us. All of us were quiet.

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