Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


11. Lucky

Harry's P.O.V 

Lani's been un-conscious for three days. I've only left once, and that was to get food when the others couldn't come in. They've been in and out as much as they can, and management aren't exactly happy that i've missed so many recording sessions, but the others have got it covered. I would never forgive myself or management if something happened to her while i was at recording. The doctors have been in and out checking up on her but they've said there is nothing they can do until she's awake, which i'm hoping is pretty soon, i need to hear her voice. One nurse has told me she can hear me, so i need to speak to her because it could help wake her up, but as much as i try, it's just not working. The boys are coming over after recording so we can sing to her to see if that helps, i just miss her so much.

"Lani, please wake up babe, i miss you, we miss you, i need you, i need to hear your beautiful voice, see your gorgeous smile, please babe, please" 

I grabbed hold of her hand, and squeezed it. And then i fell asleep in the chair. 

When i woke up the boys were already here, Niall had a guitar, and everyone else was ready to sing. I smiled when i saw them. 

"Alright Haz" Louis was first to speak, i just nodded. 

"Ready?" i asked, everyone nodded and Niall started strumming on his guitar. 

"Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me,

but bear this in mind, it was meant to be, 

and i'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheek, 

and it all makes sense, to me" Zayn sang the first verse. 

"I know you've never loved, the crinkles by your eyes,

when you smile you've never loved, your stomach or your thighs, 

the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine" Liam sang.

"But i love them endlessly,

i wont let these little things slip, out of my mouth, 

but if i do, its you, oh its you, they add up to,  

I'm in love with you, and all these little things" We all sung. 

"You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea, 

and maybe that's the reason, that you talk, in your sleep,

And all those conversations are the secret that i keep, 

though it makes no sense to me" Louis sung. Then it was my turn. 

"I know you've never loved, the sound of you rvoice on tape, 

you never want, to know how much you weigh, 

you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me" i had tears in my eyes. 

"i wont let these little things slip, out of my mouth, 

but if i do, its you, oh its you, they add up to,  

I'm in love with you, and all these little things" 

"You'll never love yourself half as much as i love you, 

you'll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to, 

If i let you know, im here, for you,

maybe you'll love yourself, like i, love you" we all sung, then it was me again. 

"I've just let these little things, slip, out of my mouth, 

cause it's you, oh it's you, they add up to, 

and i'm in love with you, and all these little things" i sung. 

"I wone let these little things slip, out of my mouth, 

but if its true, its you, oh its you, they add up to, 

im in love with you, and all these little things" 

Lani's P.O.V

I woke up after the first verse of the song, i just didn't open my eyes, as i thought they would stop singing. As soon as they sung the last verse, i squeezed Harry's hand. And then opened my eyes, a huge smile appeared on all their faces.

"LANI!" Harry practically yelled which hurt my head.

"shh, headache" i groaned. 

"I'll go get a doctor" Louis said.

"Why" i asked, confused.

"Babe, you were out for nearly four days" My eyes widened and then the doctor walked in. 

"Hello Alana, how are you feeling?" 

"just have a headache"

"Okay, and you remember everything that happened? And everything else?"

"I think so, i mean, i remember everyone here, Eleanor, Perrie, and Dani, what else is there?" 

"Nothing, well you're a very lucky girl, you suffered a bad head injury, it's quite surprising you remember everything dear, you can leave whenever you're ready"

I smiled at her and then she walked out. Her words were replaying in my mind. "you're a very lucky girl"



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