Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


30. Leaving

Lani's P.O.V

Tonight's the night. I was leaving. I was just wearing some leggings and a flowy top, i wasn't going to dress up for the concert, i was also going to say i didn't feel too good so i was going to come back early, pack and leave, as soon as i can. I'd wrote a note leaving a paragraph for each of them. This was going to be harder than i thought. 

Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Eleanor..

Where do i start? Thank you all so much for everthing you've done over this past year. It's been amazing. 


Thank you so much for always being here for me. Thankyou for being there, being my bestfriend, my boyfriend, and being there for Lexi. I know you haven't known her for long, but i'm sorry. Take good care of youself, okay? Any girl is lucky to have you, i love you and i'll miss you X


Where do i begin? Thank you so much for everything. You've given me the best thing in the world. I'm so sorry for taking Lexi away from you, but just remember, you'll always be her father, no matter what. Please don't do anything stupid, and don't coming looking for me, i know what you're like. Just move on, forget about me, i know it's going to be hard but just try, okay? Take good care of yourself, and don't let this come between you and Zayn. I love you, i'll miss you..X


Thankyou for everything you've ever done Nialler. Take good care of the boys okay? And don't eat too much ;) I know me and you have never really been that close, but just know i'm going to miss you. Bye my little irish leprechaun x


Thankyou for everything. Bringing me here, reassuring me that everything was going to be fine when i came, and thankyou so much for finding El. Because if you didn't, i wouldn't have Lexi, and i wouldn't have met any of you. Take good care of El okay? You're lucky to have her, don't EVER let her go. I'll miss you, bye Tommo x


Thankyou for everypeice of advice you've given me, thankyou for always being there for me to talk to. Make sure the boys behave themself okay? And you aswell. You'll find your next princess one day, don't worry. Bye Li x


Where do i begin? I'm so sorry for leaving without a proper goodbye. Thankyou so much for everything you have done. Without you, i don't know what i'd be doing right now. I'm going to miss you so much! Please stop the boys from coming to find me, you know i hate it. Make sure you keep with Louis, he's certainly one to hold on to. I'll see you soon hopefully okay? I love you and i'll miss you X

Please forgive me for what i'm about to do, it's for the best. You might not understand, but trust me. My baby can't grow up not knowing which out of two her father is. And having them both travel away a lot. I'm sorry.

My love is like a star, you can't always see it, but you know that it's always there.


I finished writing the note then stuffed it into my back pocket. 

"YOU READY LANI?" El yelled up the stairs, i took one last look in the mirror making sure you couldn't tell i had been crying before picking up Lexi and walking downstairs. The boys were already at the arena, so i wouldn't have a chance to say goodbye to them properly. Me and El got into the car, and drove off towards the arena. 

*2 hours later* 

It was about an hour into the concert, Lexi was constantly crying, so i took this as my cue to leave.

"El i'm going to head back if you don't mind, Lex won't stop crying and i don't feel to good" i said, my voice on the verge of cracking.

"Alright babe, see you later" I nodded, taking one last look at the boys, back at El then walking out. I called a taxi and it was here in no time. I ran inside, stuffing all mine and Lexi's clothes and everything we needed into a suitcase. I took one last look around the room, before heading downstairs and placing the note and a photo of me, el and the boys from ages ago on the table. The note was now tear stained, but it will have to do. I took one last look around. A few tears rolled down my cheek, but i wiped them away. I placed Lexi in her carseat, and took off towards Manchester. This was it. 


This isn't the end! There will be another chapter, and then an epilogue for the sequel! X 





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