Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


1. Introduction

I'm Alana, but everyone calls me Lani, thanks to my bestfriend, Eleanor. I've got dirty blonde hair that comes just below my shoulders, but i'm original brown. I'm 21 and i've been best friends with Eleanor since we were kids. I haven't seen her much recently though. She's been too wrapped up with Louis. Yes, Its Eleanor Calder i'm talking about. Dating Louis Tomlinson. I'm finally seeing her tomorrow. And i'm meeting the rest of the boys aswell, at long last! Even though i haven't seen El for a while, we;ve been constantly texting and ringing eachother. I've spoken to Louis a couple of times aswell. So it shouldn't be too awkward with them. I know Louis likes me, and of course El, it's just the rest of them. I'm a very loud and random person. Abit like Louis. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, honestly. The other day my friend introduced me to one of her college friends, the first thing that came out of my mouth was "woah you're ugly".. I don't care what people think of me, and if people are a bitch to me, i'll be one back, i hate being wrong, oh, and i never apologise. It's a long story why. I'm a fairly good street dancer, and i'm not saying that to sound big headed. It's just what people have told me! I was in my flat in Manchester packing for the time i was spending with El, i'm staying with her for a month at the minute, but that could quite easily change. Unless i don't get on with any of the others. If i don't then fuck staying with them any longer. They'll probably drive me round the bend! I had my music on full blast, i'm surprised i can even hear myself think! My phone starting vibrating in my bra so i pulled it out and it was El ringing me.

Me: Hey babe!

El: Ello Laniiiiiiii! Can't wait to see you!

Me: same babes! 

El: so me and Lou will be at yours around 12ish okay? 

Me: Okay! how long's the drive to london then?


Me: what? i can't hear you, just got deafened

El: oh shutup

me: LOVE YA! okay 

El: loves ya too, anyway i've gotta go, see you tomorrow babes!

and with that she hung up. 3 hours in a car with them two is going to be dreadful, i'm going to want to sleep but i'm not going to be able to, oh my life. I finished packing everything i needed to take, and looked at the time. 2.31pm. I decided on going shopping for a bit. I lived near the trafford center so that's where i'll be going! I called a taxi, and within 20 minutes i was there. I decided i was going to buy aload of new clothes to replace the ones i had already packed to take with me. I had quite abit of money from when my Grandad died. I was the only one in our family he talked to, he didn't even talk to my parents, well neither do i, but yeah, so i was left all his money. I must have spent over £300 pounds, i bought a fair bit! I checked my phone for the time and it was 5, so i decided to head home and cook some tea. I cooked spaghetti bolognese, had a showed, then climbed into bed, and fell asleep. 

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