Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


24. A month

Lani's P.O.V 

A couple of days after i found out about Harry, i realised i couldn't stand being around him anymore. I was back at the house we lived at in London, i wasn't on my own though, i had a couple of my friends and cousins from Manchester staying with me. I'm also pregnant. With Harry's baby. None of them know yet though. Only Lacey, my cousin, Liam, my gay bestfriend, and Emma, one of my closest friends. I was going to tell El when i next speak to her, i haven't spoke to any of them since i left, quite frankly, i didn't want to. I've spoken to them once actually, and they were constantly asking me to come back and telling me how Harry was, i don't give a shit about him anymore, he screwed up. And i haven't decided if i want this baby to have anything to do with him yet. I've already decided on names, Me, Emma and Lacey all had a very long conversation about it, if it's a girl, we're naming her Lexi, if it's a boy, we're naming him Jack. I'm fairly excited about it, but also very, very scared. Just then Liam started yelling for me. 

"WHAT?" I yelled back.

"YOU MIGHT WANT TO GO LOOK OUT THE FRONT" he yelled, i went to the front bedroom, only to be faced with a very familiar looking set of cars, brilliant, i forgot they take a break every month. Emma and Lacey were running around frantically hiding any baby stuff they could possibly find, and i was putting a baggy jumper on, just to hide my stomach, preparing for when the bump eventually comes. I walked downstairs, feeling sick once again, i hadn't seen any of them since the day i found out about Harry cheating on me, and i was dreading seeing them all again. Just as i reached the bottom, the front door flew open, and there stood Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry. Eleanor and Perrie tagging along behind, i gulped before running back upstairs, being sick as soon as i reached the bathroom. I felt someone pull my hair back, i dreaded to think who it was. I looked up to see Zayn, i pulled him into a tight hug, and we both just sat there, that's when i realised, i hadn't gotten rid of the pregnancy tests, i felt him tense up and that's when i knew he spotted them. I pulled away looking in the direction he was looking in and i was right, he was staring right at them.

"Is it Harry's?" He asked, i nodded, not saying anything. 

"Is what mine?" shit, the voice and person i was dreading, now knew.

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