Falling for louis

Harry is a gay boy who is in love with louis some things happen between them but louis is very mean to harry when surrounded by his peers is it to late for louis to love harry or foes louis get a taste of his own medacine a perminante tatste that harry did not expect


1. Bullied

"You stupid gay lord"!

"die in a whole" 

"End your life"


i hear thes words everyday i just want to die but theres one thing that keeps me going louis tomlinson he is absolutly sexy beautiful mine i want him but of course hes the bully i know what you may be thinking me in love with the bully but i guess what im saying is im bisexual im not gay i like girls but i also like guys espeacily louis. Oh ya by the way im harry styles. I only have one freind her name is julie tomlinson thats louis sister but he makes fun of her too i would say we are out casts but shes beautiful and awesome im going over her house today :) "hey harry or marcel!" I hate that name! Never call me that louis "stop brother i really hate you" "sis its not my fault your an outcast hahha" shutup louis dont talk to her like that! "What are you gunna do about it MARCEL!" *harry walks away with julie* i just hate your brother " i know hes a jerk" says julie. My new name is harry i hated marcel it made everyone hate me more at least i have a freind who cares for me! 

*over julies house*

"sit here harry ill be back says julie"

*julie leaves the room louis walks in stops and rushes to harry*

ahhhhh julieee "shut up harry i just wanna....*louis and harry start making out* "mmmmmmm yeah!!!" Louis let out a big groan is this all a dream my fantasys are becoming a live before i know it i see louis taking his pants of and my shirt ripped in half on the ground "harry your so sexy mmmmm delicious!"!!!  Oh no im on my back at this point we are stripped naked but then julie walks in ehile louis says "make me cumm and get a cup for it so you and i can drink it" "what the fuck louis and harry wtf are you guys doing MOM!!!!!!" Says julie! "Julie shutup goodbye" says louis! Im sorry julie i say "fuck you harry turns out you love my brother your phyco the one that bullies you goodbye!" "Ok so lets stick your penis in......

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