Player vs Player*ON HOLD*

'' Who are they?'' I said as i pointed at the five boys that just entered the school.'' Oh them. They are the new students of the school.'' Alicia explained. '' I must admit they are pretty hot.'' ''Yea they are hot. But they are players. I heard the one with the curly hair is the biggest player out of all of them.'' ''A player? Looks like im gonna get some competition.''I smirked for my self. Let the games begin.


1. chapter 1

''Celine u better get your ass ready!'' ''Alicia u know how i roll..'' i sighed.. ''Yes i know how u rollBut if i were you i would hurry up a little bit maybe'' '' yea but u arent me so shut up!''  ''Just hurryup i dont wanna wait anymore'' And with that she hung up one me. Well maybe i should hurryup just a little bit? Yea i do that. Well let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is CelineAmelia Hills but just call me Celine. I'm the biggest player of the school, and i am not the good girlmore the bad girl. Anyways i look like one of those popular girls, you know blonde hair, blue eyes,but i don't wear slutty clothes, i prefer jeans and a t-shirt/top. But enough about me, Back to thestory. I ran to my Warderobe and quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a top, I grabbed a pair of converse aswell. I ran down to the kitchen and grabbed my car keys. 09:50 see that is how i roll. I walked out the front door and locked it after me. I opened my car and got in, i turned it onand then i drove away.


(A/N i skipped the car ride because im lazy xD)


 parked my car and got out. I slowly walked down the halls to my class. I stormed into the class room, well i dont even care.'' Mrs Hills you are late, agian...'' Mrs Adams said and looked me dead in the eye.''Yea i know. sorry Mrs Adams it wont happen again.'' I said innocently, well im pretty sure everyone knows im not innocent.  ''I hope it doesnt or else its detention.'' Alot of gasps came from the classroom i dont even care. I quickly went down to the back and sat down.Class went by fast and before i knew it was lunch time.The cafeteria was full, so i just found a random table and sat down.''Sorry babe but thats my table.'' ''You're name doesnt stand on the table on ryan, so find an other one.'' i spat ''Well thats true but u have to move.'' ''No i dont.'' ''Celine just move.'' ''no.'' ''Okey we are playing that way huh? i have an offer i let you sit here if u do me a favor.'' he smirked. Can't people just leave me alone? ''Well it depends on what offer it is,'' ''Come to my house tonight and you will see'' i tought for a moment before i answered, ''Deal.'' I dont know what i have gotten myself into, and to be honest i dont care.





That was the first chapter guys hope u enjoy it! if the grammar or anything is bad then sorry, im not english nor american. i will try to update tomorrow



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