Same Love *Complete*

*Complete* Michel is a 16 year old boy, who is different from the rest. He goes to school and starts to have feeling for his best friend, who is a boy. He choices to not ever act on those feelings, but how long can he act like he has nothing different about him.


12. It'll be Okay

It'll be Okay

I come home and I see Noah sitting on the couch on his phone.

I'm okay, besides the fact I have a broken nose.

"What are you doing?" I ask with my scratchy voice. I was given the okay by the doctor about talking, just not too much. It's scratchy but it should get a little bit better.

"Oh I got expelled." He says.

"What? My mom is going to kill you!" I say. He shrugs.

"I don't think so. I got expelled for standing up for you." He says. I walk over and I kiss him.

I sit beside him and he kisses me again. I pull him down then I heard my dad walking. We stopped kissing and I laid my head on his lap.

"You get expelled for standing up for Michel?" My dad asks.

"Yeah, why?" Noah asks. I guess he didn't see me because the next thing he said was,

"You need to stay away from my son. When I said you could stay here I didn't know you were gay. My son is not gay. My son will never be gay, I don't need some kid who is making him think it's okay but it's not! It's a sin!" My dad yells.

"You're son is gay! Deal with it! We're gay together! Why don't you understand that! You're just like my father!" Noah yells.

"Well being gay is a sin, I am not having a son be like people like you." My dad says. I sit up, his eyes widen.

"Thanks dad but Noah is staying here or I'm leaving with him. I'm gay, accept that." I say.

"No you are not. This right here, is a sin. You can go to hell for thi-"

"Then I'll go to hell! I'm not going to say that I'm not something that I am! Isn't that lying? Isn't that a sin? So you want me to sin more? I will go to hell if that means that I can be with him, because I'm sure if I'm going there for being gay, he is too." I say.

"Noah get out! I'm not having my son be around people like you! They sicken me."

"How about you?" My mom says walking in.

"What?" He asks.

"Our son, was going to let himself die because people like you saying things like that! Get out!" Mom yells.

"No, this is just as much my house as yours." My dad says.

"Then I'm calling the police." My mom holds up her phone. She dials 911 and right before she hits the call button he walks out of the house slamming the door behind him. I hug Noah.

"Come on I want to show you something." Noah says. He gabs my hand and drags me into our room.

I walk in and there's roses everywhere. Flower peddles and he's got the song Little Things playing, awe my favorite song.

I give him a hug. I fall back onto my bed, "Is this a water bed?" I ask.

"Yeah I got you that and I'll sleep in your other bed, it's right there." He says.

"You bought me a new bed, and it's a water bed." I say. We kiss like a lot.

"I did this when you had Gabe over, well besides the water bed, but you know you kinda had a boyfriend..." He says. I lay down on the water bed.

"It's so comfy." I say.

"I know." He lays beside me. He rests his forehead against mine. I start breathing heavy, I want to kiss him so bad. Our lips almost touch but we keep pulling away. We were hesitant about this kiss for some reason. Then he kisses me. It was like the way he kissed me at the church, it was aggressive, but genital. We laid there kissing like hard core, like it was intense.

He wanted more, I wanted more, but we couldn't. I'll just wait for him to stop.

Nope I don't think he's going to... I stop kissing him.

"We can't." I whisper. He nods and bites his lip.

"Okay..." He whispers.

We just stared into each others eyes. His eyes were so beautiful, and green.

"Screw it." I whisper. I throw off my shirt and I kiss him. He stops kissing me as he runs his hands down my abs.

"You can't stop kissing me doing that man it's just teasing." I whisper.

He stands up.

"I agree..." He throws my shirt at me.

"We can't, we we're not." Noah says.


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