Same Love *Complete*

*Complete* Michel is a 16 year old boy, who is different from the rest. He goes to school and starts to have feeling for his best friend, who is a boy. He choices to not ever act on those feelings, but how long can he act like he has nothing different about him.


3. It Didn't Mean Anything... Okay :(

It Didn't Mean Anything... Okay :(

I sit in my room and I chat with Noah on facebook.

Me: Hey :)

Noah: Hi

Me: We still friends?

Noah: Yeah dude as long as you're not gay

Me: I'm as straight as straight can be.

Noah: Cool what are you doing?

Me: Reading my mom's bridal magazines.

Noah just ignored it... I don't even understand why.

I get dressed and I walk to school. When I get there Noah is at his locker.

"Hey dude." I say.

"Sup bro." We do our little handshake thing.

"Why'd you stop talking to me?" I ask.

"Because I don't even know what a bridal magazine is dude." He says.

"Oh.." I say messing with my quiff.

"Do you want to hang out today?" I ask.

"Yeah, but Brett has to come along dude." Noah says. I nod.

"Okay." I say.

"Dude I have to talk to you alone." I say.

"Okay." We go into the bathroom.

"Um, I have to say your heart wa-" He slaps me upside the head.

"Stop it dude! It doesn't matter! Are you a some fag with a crush on me so you're trying to make me gay? That night I slept with your girlfriend, yeah. Right after you dropped her off at her house. She said it was awesome." He says. I punch him.

"How could you do that to me!" I yell.

"Because she's straight and you're not." He says.

"You're the one that kissed me!" I yell.

"Yeah but you did back, that makes you gay."

"You started the kiss what does that mean...?" I ask.

"Pressure dude. That's what it means." He walks out of the bathroom. I lean against the wall and I slide to the ground.

God I hate my life.

I go to Wednesday night church. We start talking about...

"Being gay." The priest says, "Does anyone know why we're talking about this?"

I raise my hand, "Yeah Michel."

"Can I leave? I don't want to hear about this." I say.

"Why?" I bite my lip.

"Because people say being gay means God hates you, that upsets me." I say.

"Well God loves all his children, it's just being gay is a choice kids your age make. It-"

"You think being gay is a choice?" Carline asks.

"Of course God wouldn't make someone out of sin." He says.

"Well, I don't think it's a choice..." Noah says. Brett punches him and whispers something to him. He shakes his head no.

"I agree." This new kid at my church says. His name is Gabe.

"Guys. Being gay is a choice that kids make out of problems. The bible says," I just tuned the rest out. So did Caroline, I knew why she did. Every time he talks about something that is wrong, the people that do that or are that way tune him out. Let's see, Caroline, me, Gabe... Wow, Ellie never would've guessed, and Noah.

Why is Noah tuning this out, is he gay? I bet it's just because he's a homophobic he doesn't want to hear about gays... I'm guessing.

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