Same Love *Complete*

*Complete* Michel is a 16 year old boy, who is different from the rest. He goes to school and starts to have feeling for his best friend, who is a boy. He choices to not ever act on those feelings, but how long can he act like he has nothing different about him.


18. FIghting For Love

Noah's POV

I sit there beside him in his bedroom, he's remembering things I can tell.

"You know I'm remember a lot of things..." Michel says... Told you...

"Oh yeah, like what?" I ask.

"A lot like my dad leaving, coming back, then leaving. I remember Caroline and I breaking up. I remember when I almost died... But most of the things I remember is things about you and me..." He says.

I look at him, does he really? Or does he only remember what Joey has told him?

"Really? Or do you just remember what the lies Joey has told you?" I say.

"I know that he's lied to me some but he's my boyfriend back off." Michel whispers.

"I know I'm just saying..." I mumble.

"Well stop." He snaps at me.

"No, he's a liar and a b-" then he did something I didn't think he'd ever do again... He kissed me.

I was so shocked I didn't kiss back.

He stopped kissing me.

"Sorry that was uncalled fo-" then I kissed him.

We both stop at the same time.

"What about Joey?" I ask.

"I didn't think of him... I just feel so connected with you... I don't remember everything, but I remember you..." He says.

"You breaking up with him?" I ask.

Please say yes I have to win at least one.

If you have been wondering, Joey is my brother... My twin brother.

I was put up for adoption as a baby. My parents didn't want two kids... They only wanted one.

"No..." He whispers. He stands up and walks out. I stand up and I walk out.

"Why not?" I ask.

"What?" He asks.

"Well if you remember things about me," I got very close, maybe too close considering he had a boyfriend, I move his hair away from his ear, "I never give up on what I want." I whisper sexually in his ear.

He sat up on the counter-top.

I put my hand on his arm and I practically felt the shivers go down his spine.

"I've never felt this way." He whispers.

"Yes you have," I start kissing him.

A minute later we stop kissing, "You just don't remember." I whisper.

He starts kissing me. He leads me to his room.

He rips off my shirt and pushes me onto his bed.

While we were kissing I stopped.

"Maybe, this isn't right..." I whisper.

He starts kissing my neck, "It's right. It's okay, just come on." He whispers.

I stand up and I take off my tie then I put on my shirt and put my tie back on.

I shake my head, "No, not at all." He looks at me confused, "Just..." Then I grabbed my coat and walked out.

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