Same Love *Complete*

*Complete* Michel is a 16 year old boy, who is different from the rest. He goes to school and starts to have feeling for his best friend, who is a boy. He choices to not ever act on those feelings, but how long can he act like he has nothing different about him.


13. Apart Will Do Us Good...

Apart Will Do Us Good...

I'm sitting on the couch cuddling with Noah when I get a call.

"Sorry it's Caroline, I need to take this." I whisper. I kiss his cheek then I leave the room.

"Hello?" I answer.

"We need to talk... Now!" She says.

"Yeah what is it?" I ask.

"You need to break up with Noah!" She yells. I clear my throat.

"My voice is bad I can't talk about this now." I say.

"Shut up no it's not. Your voice is just fine I asked Noah." She says.

"Okay why? Why do you think I need to break up with him?" I ask.

"Because, you two aren't as happy as you think. Think about it. You have to transfer schools because you're dating him, you almost died because of him... twice, and the face you still like Gabe." She says.

"Three facts wow that's going to do the trick." I say.

"Michel, he isn't happy! If he was do you think he'd be acting like you two aren't dating in public. He wouldn't be hitting on girls if he was happy?" She asks.

"I don't have time for this." I say. I hang up. I go back into the living room. We start cuddling, then we start kissing... Then I stop kissing him back. He stops kissing and looks at me.

"Am I going to have to do all the work in kissing now?" He asks.

"Are you happy with me?" I ask.

"What? Of course I am baby. I've never been so ha-"

"Don't lie..." I whisper.

He pauses, "No..." He mumbles.

I sit up and I push my hair back in stress, I chuckle, "I should've known it was too good to be true." I say. I stand up and I walk into my room. He comes in.

"What you asked! Don't ask if you don't want an answer." He says.

"I was just hoping that wasn't it." I mumble laying down.

"I'm sorry it's the truth..." He whispers.

"It because you're not really gay isn't it?" I ask tears filling my eyes.

"I don't know okay! I just don't know! I'm sorry that I'm not sure!" He yells.

"How long have you been questioning if you were or not?" I ask.

"I don't think you want the answer to that." He says.

"How long?" I ask getting annoyed.

"The whole time we've been together..." I bite my lip to hold back the tears.

"I'm sorry." He whispers putting his hand on my shoulder. I smack it away.

"You know what kinda pain you've put me through!? Do you understand how stupid I feel for thinking you liked me like that!?" I yell.

"The doctor suggested you not to yell, it might you know, hurt you." He says.

"Why would you care!? Heck why would I care!? My life is useless anyways!" I yell.

"Don't yell." He says.

"Or what!? Huh!? Just get the heck out of my room!" I yell.

"Fine! And I'm not coming back!" He yells. He slams the door.

I curl up into a call and I cry. I hate life, but time apart will do us good, and a sexuality check.

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