Broken and Shattered

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2. Chapter One

*AN: First two chapters or so will be in third person because I couldn't find the right words to use in first person.*

*two months later*

Abby sighed, sitting down on the swings. She had been wandering around for days. Ever since her apartment was broken in to, she walked around, trying to find food. After three days, Abby gave up. No one was willing to help a pregnant woman who was raped while leaving a club. Abby wondered what love was like, since she had never experienced the emotion before. Her parents didn't care about her, nor have they ever. Her brother left her, going off to be a drummer for a stupid band. Abby stood up and made her way to the bridge. As she was walking, a stranger ran into her, knocking her down. Abby landed in front of the bridge, centimeters away from falling into the pond. She glanced around her and saw a mop of brown curls lying next to her. She sat up before gasping. When Abby got knocked over, a piece of glass stabbed her in the back.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt? I'm so terribly sorry, love." A deep, husky voice apologized.

"" Abby gasped, the pain getting stronger. Harry looked at the woman's back and noticed a small piece of glass protruding out of her back.

"Shit! Uh, this will hurt." Harry cursed. Harry carefully grasped the piece of glass.

"Alright, on the count of three, I'm going to pull the piece of glass out." He murmured to Abby. He counted to three out loud and quickly yanked the glass out. Abby screamed in pain as she felt the glass leave her back. Harry stood up, ripping a piece of his shirt before lifting Abby's tank top. Harry tied the cloth around her stomach, applying pressure to the wound. Harry sighed before quickly standing up He extended his arm to Abby, helping her lift herself without causing her too much pain. He wrapped her arm around his neck as she leaned into his side for support. Harry noticed Abby's stomach was sticking out and he knew she was pregnant.

"If you don't mind me asking, but are you pregnant?" Harry asked the young woman. She couldn't have been older than nineteen. 

"Y-yes." Abby stuttered, gasping at the pain. Harry picked up the pace as they neared Harry's black Range Rover. Once they got there, he fumbled with his keys, anxious to help the woman. He didn't know her, but he kind of felt obligated to help her.

"Oh, god. How are you going to sit??" Harry panicked, getting in on the driver's side.

"I got it! Can you lay on your side?" Harry asked, glancing at Abby through the rearview mirror. Abby faintly nodded, before shifting her weight to one side. Luckily for them, there was no traffic as Harry raced to get to the hospital. Once Harry pulled into the parking lot, he glanced back at Abby. Abby felt like her whole body was on fire as she screamed out in pain. Harry tried to be as gentle as he could as he lifted her out of the Jeep. Tears streamed down Abby's face as the pain became too much to bear.

"CAN I GET A DOCTOR OVER HERE?!?!" Harry yelled. Abby was loosing a lot of blood. A doctor heard Harry's cries and saw the girl in his arms. Blood soaked the bottom of her shirt as he looked her over. He knew she was clearly pregnant from the looks of her stomach. The doctor finally found an empty room and laid the girl on the bed. Nurses swarmed the doctor, hooking Abby up to machines and injecting needles into her skin. Doctor McCarthy scanned over the monitor, listening to her heart beat. She was going to be okay. She didn't lose enough blood for them to worry. Suddenly, the boy flashed through his mind. He left the room in search of the curly-haired lad.

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