my life

isabela has a life thats hard and sad she had to run away from her step parents along the way she meets a person that might change her life


4. meeting new people

we went to starbucks "i dont have any money" "ill buy something for you" "thank you so much niall" no problem" he ordered me some coffee we talked and talked and soon it was midnight "i better go to sleep" "ill walk you to your house" a tear fell from my eye and whispered "i dont have a house" "well were do you sleep?" "on a bench at the park"more tears escaped "come on you can live with me" "i cant niall" "please" "fine thank you so much niall" we went into a huge car niall drove to his house we came out and i was amazed he chuckled we went in and then introuduced me to the boys "isabella this is harry,zayn,liam and louis" "hi"they all said "alexa is gonna be here soon i gotta get ready"zayn said "pass me your phone"niall said he put in his phone number and passed it to harry,liam and louis niall put in zayns phone number zayn came down in a texido "im ready" he said he wore this 

the door bell rang zayn opened it and i saw a pretty girl standing there she was about my age 17 he gave her the rose "thank you" she said "im going to get the keys" "ok" alexa said me and alexa talked i figured she was 17 and we became good friends 




                                       sorry for the short chapter ill try to update 2morrow bye :D

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