my life

isabela has a life thats hard and sad she had to run away from her step parents along the way she meets a person that might change her life


2. a someone

i fell asleep on the bench the next morning i woke up i decided to change so i went to nandos i went to the bathroom and i changed into this

i was hungry so i came out of the bathroom and went to order something then i saw him,the most beautiful guy i have ever seen his eyes where amazing i couldent stop looking at his eyes "uhm ma'am?"he said "oh erm sorry"i said "its fine love"he said with his thick irish accent i blushed "my name is niall" "my name is isabella" "beautiful name" "thank you"i said and blushed "wanna go to starbucks later" "sure"i said




hi guys sorry for the short chapter:P i will b doing more shortly

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