my life

isabela has a life thats hard and sad she had to run away from her step parents along the way she meets a person that might change her life


1. run away

yup thats me Isabella O'brien my parents died in a plane accident and i got adopted by idiots that didn't care about me well enough about me. "ISABELLA GET DOWN HERE NOW" i sighed i went downstairs my step dad gave me a full garbage bag "what is this"i said "DONT TALK BACK TO ME OR YOUR STEP MOTHER LIKE THAT"he slapped me and kicked me i fell to the cold ground and he kicked my stomach i had bruises everywhere they both left for work i cried for about 5 min i stood up and went to my room locked my door i took a shower and brushed my hair i applied makeup it has been 1 hr my parents are at home so i packed my stuff  they were yelling my name and then i unlocked the door i jumped out of the window and ran then i heard my step dad behind me so i ran for my life after like about 20 min of running i lost him i was walking around the whole neighborhood i was getting hungry so i grab the only cookie in my bag and ate it. it was night so i went to the park and slept on the bench 

hope you guys liked it there will be another chapter coming shortly :D


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