The Boyfriend Blip - A 1D Fanfic <3

Tessa Sparks can't help but be madly in love popular boy, Liam Payne. He had everything, the looks, the voice, the smile... he was to die for. But how could she and Liam ever be together, with the meanest mean girl Danielle Peazer getting in their way? Some how, they could both find a way around it, but could it all end in disaster with Danielle seeking revenge?
Oh Tessa, what have you done. And how can you get yourself out of it? Alive?


2. Poor Hope...

Tessa's P.O.V.


Great. Now I have to walk home like a loner, and, oh, there's Danielle and her posse of 'Pretty's'. This is just my day, isn't it? First I mess up in Geography, and then my friend ditches me to go ice skating practise and then I have to walk by myself just as Danielle and her group pop up behind me.

'Hey, greasy hair, how's your brace fitting?' Danielle calls, followed by an echo of laughter. I keep walking, hitching my bag higher on my shoulder. For some reason, they feel the need to insult me on the things that aren't true. I don't have greasy hair, my hair is naturally silky. It's similar to Danielle's, actually.

'Hello? Has metal-mouth shut her mouth permanently?'

The laughter, again. It's so evil, it's un-true! They seriously need to find something more hurtful. No, wait, I didn't mean that. I meant... oh never mind!

'For God's sake, stop walking like a spaz...'

That's it.

Before I know what I'm doing, I spin on the spot, and yell in my strongest way possible, 'Shut your ugly, botoxed lips, Danielle! Can't you see I'm trying to walk home? I don't need to be followed.'

I breathe heavily, and once again, hook my bag on my shoulder. Then I turn on the spot and begin to walk again, thinking hard and fast about what I've just done.


Danielle's P.O.V.


'For God's sake, stop walking like a spaz...' I call, high fiving Georgia to my right. She smiles at me, with an evil darkness gleaming in her eye. She knows I don't lie when I say comments like that. And Liam can trust me with anything and everything. He doesn't care about ugly, boring nerdy girls like Tessa. And I'm so glad of it.

The ugly girl turns, as if she's heard what I'm thinking.

'Shut your ugly, botoxed lips, Danielle! Can't you see I'm trying to walk home? I don't need to be followed.'

She's surprised me so much, I freeze. Georgia stops beside me, and then Lauren is just behind. I cannot believe she even went there. She was going to pay. And she was going to pay big time. No-body messed with a popular. And she was going to see the ugly side.

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