The Boyfriend Blip - A 1D Fanfic <3

Tessa Sparks can't help but be madly in love popular boy, Liam Payne. He had everything, the looks, the voice, the smile... he was to die for. But how could she and Liam ever be together, with the meanest mean girl Danielle Peazer getting in their way? Some how, they could both find a way around it, but could it all end in disaster with Danielle seeking revenge?
Oh Tessa, what have you done. And how can you get yourself out of it? Alive?


6. Please Don't!

Tessa's P.O.V.


I can't believe it! Liam... he'd smiled. At me! I just couldn't wrap the thought around my head. Yes, he was rude and mean to people like me, yes he was out of my league, yes he was dating the most prettiest and popular girl in school, but for one moment, one precious moment, the world had stopped spinning. For just those few delicate seconds, he'd been smiling at me with those perfectly soft lips, red and smooth, so lovely...

'Hey, girl? Heyyyy, Tessssa?'

Ginny's voice interrupts my thoughts. It always happens. Ginny knows me too well. I wish Liam knew me just as good...


I look up, and grin wildly at Ginny. She looks confused, but then relaxes.

'I know exactly what your thinking, girl. Liam moment?'

I nod excitedly. I may be just a nerd, but I know that when a boy smiles at me, it means something. It always does. It might not be what I have in mind, but it's something. It's not just everyday that the most popular of all populars smiles at you!


Ginny's P.O.V.


I watch Tessa as she nods excitedly. I can tell these things, all of them, off by heart. She has a different face for everything she loves, and a different face for everything she hates. A Liam face has been the most recent, so I can tell, like the back of my hand, that I know she's pulling a Liam face.

'What did he do? Please, fill me in.'

Tessa lets out a breath, and grins again. Something big and warm and fuzzy. Then she begins.

'Liam... oh God, I can't believe it! Okay, so we were in French, and I didn't answer the question correctly, that's been happening a lot recently, but anyway, Miss asked Liam, and he got it right. When I looked over at him... Oooh, he smiled! At me!'

I can't believe it. I C-A-N-T believe it. It's hardly even possible! Popular kids... they don't mix well with people like me and Tessa. We don't... no, we don't fit in as well as they do. I have glasses, Tessa has braces. We don't have connections, but we do have books. Books are much more important than looks, but we still look presentable.

'Wow, Tess. He went there.'

We both fall into fits of laughter.

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