The Boyfriend Blip - A 1D Fanfic <3

Tessa Sparks can't help but be madly in love popular boy, Liam Payne. He had everything, the looks, the voice, the smile... he was to die for. But how could she and Liam ever be together, with the meanest mean girl Danielle Peazer getting in their way? Some how, they could both find a way around it, but could it all end in disaster with Danielle seeking revenge?
Oh Tessa, what have you done. And how can you get yourself out of it? Alive?


7. Not Amused

Tessa's P.O.V.


It's lunchtime, finally. I'm starving. Having a hard day of work and then finally, the time comes where I can just sit back and relax, eating, drinking, laughing, chatting. And I have an hour of it, so that's even better!

I smile at my thoughts as I make my way down the English corridor towards the small café. I don't really buy anything unless it's a drink or an apple, and usually I have my packed lunch, but the tables in the café are always free, so me and Ginny usually hide in the corner.

I round the corner, and almost wish I hadn't. There she is! Danielle Peazer, with Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry. OMG. They never come in here! Why are they in here today? What's going on? And why is Danielle looking directly at me?


Danielle's P.O.V.


'She is such a geek. Just look at her!' I whisper to Liam, holding his hand tight. I can feel him breathing beside me, and it makes my heart explode. I just want to lean my head against his shoulder, but I can't, I'm on a mission. To destroy Tessa.

'Yeah, I suppose' Liam replies, looking her up and down.

'You suppose? Since when do you use the word suppose?' I demand, staring directly into his eyes. But he's not looking back at me. He's looking Tessa up and down. Why on Earth...?

'Liam' I hiss, nudging him away from his view. He is looking at me now, something dark in his eyes. He has the same look Georgia has sometimes.

'What? Are we going to sit and eat, or what? I can hear Niall's tummy from all the way over here.'

The guys laugh, but I keep my face straight. What's gotten in to him today? First he slips away from a disaster, not even bothering to insult the lower populars, and now he's cracking jokes just as I want to seek revenge?

He starts to walk, and I have no choice but to follow. My hand is entwined in his fingers, and I know that Nerds and Geeks and whatever vermin they hold must get revenge. Starting with Tessa Sparks.

I smile. This is going to be good.

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