The Boyfriend Blip - A 1D Fanfic <3

Tessa Sparks can't help but be madly in love popular boy, Liam Payne. He had everything, the looks, the voice, the smile... he was to die for. But how could she and Liam ever be together, with the meanest mean girl Danielle Peazer getting in their way? Some how, they could both find a way around it, but could it all end in disaster with Danielle seeking revenge?
Oh Tessa, what have you done. And how can you get yourself out of it? Alive?


1. Just Perfection

Tessa's P.O.V.


Okay, so I know this is cliché, but there he is. Melted perfection. In other words, Liam Payne, the most popular of all populars, with the perfect hair, silky smooth singing voice and the abs, oh, I can't forget those. And then, here I am, crushing over a boy so perfect, he's out of my league by miles. So many miles.

'Miss Tessa Sparks, can you give me the answer?'

Oh God. I knew this was going to happen. I need to be quick... what's the answer?

I turn my attention to the board, but nothing seems helpful, so instead, I lock gazes with Mr Martin. He has that strange look again, the one that tells me I'm going to receive a detention. A long one.

'I...uhhh...' I drawl, dragging on the 'h'. Somebody coughs at the back of the room, and I'm glad to see Mr Martin swap gazes. He's probably looking at Peazer. Danielle Peazer. She has long, curly hair, and one spiteful and disgusting attitude. Why, Lord? Why let Liam Payne, the best boy on the planet, date her? It makes me sick. I hate it so much. He can't see through her. No-one can. Except me, of course. I'm smarter then almost everybody in my year. It's a shame. It can embarrass me so much.


Liam's  P.O.V.


I turn in my seat, and for a moment, meet the stare of Tessa. She has eyes of a beautiful blue, and hair of a silky brown. It tumbles down to the bottom of her breasts, and the unique shine of it winks at me in the light of the classroom. A smile creeps onto my face, and then I realise what I'm thinking. No, I shouldn't. I can't think like that. There are two reasons why. The first; I have a beautiful and caring girlfriend, who loves me more then her Jimmy Choos, and the second; I am popular. I always have, and always will be. A popular person has never once dated someone un-popular, and those are the things I will always stand by.

Instead, I transfix my stare to Danielle, who is now the one answering the question. She smiles sweetly at Mr Martin, and gives him the answer he needs. Why didn't Tessa say anything? She's smart enough. I mean, so am I, and that question was an easy one, but why did she reply so stupidly? She dragged that h on for a long, long time...

Stop! Liam...



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