The Boyfriend Blip - A 1D Fanfic <3

Tessa Sparks can't help but be madly in love popular boy, Liam Payne. He had everything, the looks, the voice, the smile... he was to die for. But how could she and Liam ever be together, with the meanest mean girl Danielle Peazer getting in their way? Some how, they could both find a way around it, but could it all end in disaster with Danielle seeking revenge?
Oh Tessa, what have you done. And how can you get yourself out of it? Alive?


5. Did he just...Smile?

Tessa's P.O.V.


It's French, and it's also boring. I can't believe teachers get paid to speak something I don't understand. I mean, I'm really good at French, but I get put on the spot frequently and I don't know the answer. Oh, this happens when we learn something new. And were doing a whole lot of new now. Ugghh!

'Translation, Tessa?'

I hesitate.

'Umm, I live over there?'

The teacher, Miss Higges, rolls her eyes, and pushes her glasses up her nose. Then she turns on the spot, and points at Liam, who is about as dazed as I am. But at least he looks cute when he's doing it. I don't. My nose scrunches up.

'I live to the South West, just over there.'

Miss Higges smiles, and then lets her attention wander back around the room, explaining the different ways you can say whatever she just said. I, myself, let my attention zoom over to Liam.

Whoa, he's looking at me!

A smile finds it's way onto his somewhat perfect face, something sweet and light.

He just... he just smiled. At me!


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