Beauty And A Beat

Alex was a popstar sensation. Her brother Harry Styles is too so she obviously knows the guys from 1D. What happens when she falls for one of those guys?

Will Harry be too protective?

Will another popstar stand in the way?

Will another band members mistake ruin there relationship?

All this guy needs is Beauty And A Beat. Will he get what he wants and needs?

"Because all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete"
→Justin Beiber


7. You didn't let me finish.

Alex's P. O. V Well after I slept for about the whole day I was still thinking about my fight with Harry. I have to get that off of my mind if I want to tell Niall how I feel. Zayn seemed to be over the whole rejecting him thing so that's one thing I don't have to worry about. I got up and went in the shower. When I got out I put on a wjite crop top, black shorts, and my black converses. Then I brushed my hair into a ponytail. I decided to where my glasses instead of contacts. I walked out of the room and I almost had a heart attack. Niall was sitting in there. "Hey Alex!" Niall said getting up and hugging me. It was kinda weird but I hugged him anyway. "Hey Niall!" I said as he let me go. "Alex. I have something to tell you." Niall said looking kinda serious. "Oh. Well I have to tell you something too." I said looking away. "We can talk about it later, yeah?" Niall asked. I nodded. Just then the guys came down. Louis and Liam whispered something and me knowing that they both know I like Niall, they were probably talking about me. They looked at me and winked. I rolled my eyes. I wanted to make sure things were okay between Zayn and me. I didn't want to make things worse. "Zayn?" I said coming over to him. He looked at me and smiled. "Can you come here for a second?" I asked. He nodded and got up and we went where no one could hear us. "Are you still mad at me for rejecting you? I'm really sorry Zayn." I said. "No. I'm not mad. I wasn't mad at all. I was just hurt but I'm over that and I want you to be happy. " Zayn said. "That's great. Your great. Thank you for understanding." I said hugging him. "Your welcome lex. Since we are over here I wanted to ask you something." Zayn said. "Yeah sure. What is it?" I asked looking curious. "Do you like Niall?" He asked. Those 4 words ran through me in like a half a second. I answered his question. I didn't want to lose him as a freind. Especially what happened between us. I nodded. Zayn smiled like an idiot. "What?" I said. "Nothing. I just think it's cute. Am I the only one who knows this?" He asked still smiling. I nodded. "Who else knows?" Zayn asked. "Louis and Liam. I'm gonna tell Niall today and if it works out with him I'll tell Harry." I said. He nodded and we walked back where the guys were. "Hey guys. You wanna go play some football." Liam said standing up. "Yeah. Let's go!" Louis said. We laughed and got up to go outside. Niall looked at me for like a long time and when I noticed him he looked away. I smiled. I looked at Harry. He looked like he was about to explode. I rolled my eyes. We were walking out and Harry was last to leave. Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me by my arm. "What!" I said sounding annoyed. He rolled his eyes. "Look. I just wanted to say that I didn't mean to call you stupid. I was just worried because I love you. I don't want to lose your trust so you can tell me anything right now and I promise I will not be mad." Harry said. "Uhhhm...anything...are you sure?" I asked looking down. "Yes lexi. I am sure." Harry said looking convincing. I sighed. "Ok. I li..." I started. I was innterupted by Liam coming in. "Hey guys. What's taking so long?" Liam said curiously. "Oh uhhm...I was just about to tell Harry a secret. Right Harry?" I said looking over at Harry. He just nodded. I looked back at Liam and by the look on his face I could tell he knew what I was talking about. "Alright. I'll tell the guys. See you when your done sharing your "secret"." Liam said. He walked out and I turned back to Harry. He looked really eager to know so I didn't bother to ask him are yiu ready. I just said it. "I have a crush on Niall since X-FACTOR." I said really fast. Harry looked suprisingly calm. "Really?" Harry said smiling. I nodded and blushed. Harry hugged me. "So, you're not mad?" I ask him. "No. I just am going to have a talk with him." he says. "No! Harry!" but he is already out the door. You didn't let me finish Harry, you can't tell him. Don't tell him Harry.

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