Beauty And A Beat

Alex was a popstar sensation. Her brother Harry Styles is too so she obviously knows the guys from 1D. What happens when she falls for one of those guys?

Will Harry be too protective?

Will another popstar stand in the way?

Will another band members mistake ruin there relationship?

All this guy needs is Beauty And A Beat. Will he get what he wants and needs?

"Because all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete"
→Justin Beiber


3. Naked

Omg! My co author is awesome!! It is... cambamroxluvs1d!!!!!!!! I am so happy right now!! Hope you like!! We were at home and I got undressed. I took off my shirt shorts and then my black tights. Everything had fell to the floor. I took my shoes off and went to take a shower. I got out of the shower and I realised I had left my towel on my bed. So I had to walk out naked. As soon as my feet got out the bathroom I seen Zayn and Niall looking at me like I was on drugs or something. All of are eyes were wide and I quickly ran to my bed and grabbed my towel and rapped it around me. "We're so sorry lexi." Niall said looking down. "It's okay guys. It was an accident. I'm not ma..." I said. I was interuppted by Harry coming in seeing what's going on. He looked like he would if we just straighted. The guys ran out and I went in the bathroom and put on my clothes. When I got back in Harry was still in there. "Harry. They didn't do it on purpose.!" I said getting in bed. "I know. But they are both single and..." Harry said. I knew he was gonna say he didn't want me dating the guys. "Why can't I!!??" I said yelling at Harry. "Because I love you and I don't want you to get hurt." Harry said . I sighed. "Alright. Whatever." I say rolling my eyes. 'Goodnight lexi." Harry says walking out of the room. Uuuuurgggghhhhhh!!! Harry is overprotective and Niall doesn't know I like him because I'm to scared to tell him. I got under my covers. I wasn't quite sleepy so I turned on my phone and listened to beauty and a beat by justin beiber. After that song I fell asleep.
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