Beauty And A Beat

Alex was a popstar sensation. Her brother Harry Styles is too so she obviously knows the guys from 1D. What happens when she falls for one of those guys?

Will Harry be too protective?

Will another popstar stand in the way?

Will another band members mistake ruin there relationship?

All this guy needs is Beauty And A Beat. Will he get what he wants and needs?

"Because all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete"
→Justin Beiber


10. It's Time

Alex's POV-

I wake up in Niall's arms. Oops. We both fell asleep. If Harry finds out about this, he'll kill us. I think it's time. Today I am going to tell Niall that I have TREMENDOUS feelings for him. I don't know what he will say, but everyone knows but him. He needs to know.


Niall's POV-

I wake up to see Alex on her phone. She looks up at me and I smile at her and she returns it. "Morning, beautiful." I smile. Nice! That was a subtle way of flirting, but I think she caught on. "Morning, handsome." she says. "How about this is our little secret?" I ask. "Yeah, or Harry will kill us." she laughs. I think today is the day that I tell Alex I like her. I wonder how she'll take it.

I help Alex downstairs, then she sits on a bar stool next to Harry and Louis, as I get both of our breakfasts. "How did you two sleep?" Liam asks. "Good." I respond. "Good." Alex responds. "Shut up you too! We know you both were in Alex's room!" Harry says. "Yes, but we didn't do anything." I say to reassure them. "Mmm hmm." Louis hums. "We didn't! Geez!" Alex yells. They all make wide eyes and bounce their eyebrows up and down while saying "oooooohh" like little kids.


Alex's POV-

"Niall, can I talk to you upstairs?" I ask really nervous. We all finished eating and we were all just chatting. "Yeah, I'll help you." he smiles and helps me upstairs. He sets me on my bed and closes my door. "Alex, I have something to tell you too." he says nervously. "On the count of 3 we both say it." I suggest. He nods his head in agreement. "1, 2, 3." "I really like you!" we both blurt out.

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