Beauty And A Beat

Alex was a popstar sensation. Her brother Harry Styles is too so she obviously knows the guys from 1D. What happens when she falls for one of those guys?

Will Harry be too protective?

Will another popstar stand in the way?

Will another band members mistake ruin there relationship?

All this guy needs is Beauty And A Beat. Will he get what he wants and needs?

"Because all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete"
→Justin Beiber


2. He's so cute!!

I was at rehearsals with the guys. I was going on tour with them! I wouldn't have to miss my brother and the other guys especially Niall. He's so cute!! I really like him but there is no way he likes me any more then freinds. The guys were on the stage singing "Best Song Ever". That song is legit. It really is the best song ever. I was looking at Niall most of the time and when he started singing solo I smiled. He's a great guy. And once again I say... he's so cute. It was my turn to practice. I was singing my song "come and get it". I choose that song to open up their concert with because that was Niall's favorite song that I wrote. "When your ready come and get it. Na na na na. Na na na na " I sang in the mic. When I was done Lou started clapping and the other guys smiled at me. "You did great Alex." Harry said. "Thanks big bro. You did too!" I said playing with his hair. "I'm hungry." Niall said likeca baby. It was adorable. "Your always hungry Niall." Zayn said laughing. "Well I think we need to go eat something. What do you lex?" Niall said putting his arm around my shoulder. "Yeah sure. I'm kinda hungry too!" I said. "Yes! Let's go get some food!" Niall said hugging me. We all laughed at are adorable Irish freind and were leaving. You and Liam were last to leave. Liam looked at you and laughed when the guys were outside. I knew why he was laughing so I rolled my eyes. "Shutup Li!" I said hitting him. I was walking out and Liam stopped me. I turned around on my heels. "What?" I said looking at him annoyed. "Your gonna tell him sooner or later. Nobody knows exept me. Harry doesn't know." He said in like 2 seconds. "I will tell him...when pigs fly. I don't want to talk about this right now." I said. "Ok. Whatever you say lexi." Liam said and sighed. We walked out the door and went to the guys. We went to McDonalds. After we left we went back home. A/N Yeah it was short but it will be longer I hope. →Alex C.
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