Beauty And A Beat

Alex was a popstar sensation. Her brother Harry Styles is too so she obviously knows the guys from 1D. What happens when she falls for one of those guys?

Will Harry be too protective?

Will another popstar stand in the way?

Will another band members mistake ruin there relationship?

All this guy needs is Beauty And A Beat. Will he get what he wants and needs?

"Because all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete"
→Justin Beiber


1. Alex Styles

Wassup?! I'm Alex Styles...Harry Styles' sister. Me and Harry are not like the typical brother and sister. We don't really fight unless he's being overprotective. Were known as the Styles siblings since we are both famous. I have met the guys and they are awesome. I kind of like Niall more then freinds. The omly person that knows that is Liam. I'm too scared to tell him because I'm scared I'll get rejected. Well anyway my hair is brown with blonde streaks. My eyes are brown but they can turn green or blue at random times. I'm "5 4". And well you will hear more about me later in the story. So...peace!! : →Alex Styles
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