Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


7. The truth...

Louis' POV

"Niall, what the hell is going on?" I practically screamed pointing to the girl who was still crying while trying to text with her good hand.

"What do you mean?" Was all he could say. That fucking bastard! He can pull the wool over the other's eyes but not mine, bro.

"Why was she crying?" Harry asked.

"What happeded?" Zayn questioned.

I was tapping my foot now and was beet red in the face because of the pure anger and hatred towards my so-called 'pal'. "Niall, give us some fucking answers you bastard!"

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" We all screamed in his face as he flinched away from us.

Niall's POV

They think I done that to Rhi? My brothers think I would abuse a girl? They're all fucking mad I can tell you that. I decided to give them their precious answers if it would shut their traps.

"Harry, she is crying because she is upset. Liam, she was holding her wrist because she was AND still is in pain. Zayn, her ex-boyfriend, Gavin, done it to her. That's all I know so far. And Louis, there's your God damn answers. Satisfied now?" I asked as all their faces dropped knowing I didn't do anything to her. Louis face went back to it's normal colour too.

"We're sorry." They all said in sync.

"We just jumped to conclusion." Lois said talking to the floor.

"We? You were the one who was most adimant that he had hurt her... Ow, shit.Was I not meant to say that?" Harry asked as Liam hit him over the head.

"No. No you weren't." Louis said.

"Don't argue. It's okay anyway. Why dont you come and talk to her? Get to know her a bit. She's a really nice girl." Liam, Harry and Zayn all nodded while Louis looked ucertain. In the end he gave up and came with us. I checked on Katie as I passed and she was asleep with the teddy we got her in her arms. As I got to Rhi she was talking Rudi about a accident that happened when she was in collage. I wonder what it could have been about... I shook it off and stood beind Rhi's seat. When Rudi saw me she smiled and Rhi looked back. Her smile grew immediately at the sight of me. Rudi got up from being crouched on the floor because Rhi's friends are both still asleep.

"Hey beautiful." I said to Rhi as she smiled to the ground ashamed. I don't know why 'cos she's gorgeous! When she smiled to the ground 'What Make's You Beautiful' popped into my head. 

"Hey Nigel." She said looking at her phone. Probably waiting for someone to text or call her back.

"I got some friends I want you to meet. This is Zachary," I said pointing to Zayn "this is Harrison," I said as I pointed to Harry "this is Lucas," I said pointing to Louis "and this is Lenny." I said pointing to Liam. They all smiled and gave a small wave.

"Hi. I'm Rhiannon. But please, call me Rhi. Everyone else does. This is Georgia and Sophie." She said pointing to her friends who were still asleep. "Just excuse these two. They tried to pull a all-nighter last night because they were too excited for graduation today an when they wake up just ignore them... I normally do." She said which caused me and the boys to crack up in fits of laughter.

I then realised I haden't bandaged her hand up yet. "Come over here for a minute." I said as I grabbed Rhi's left hand and escorted her to our seats. I sat her in mine and the boys came and crouched arounf us while Louis and Harry sat in the two seats next to mine.

"W-why have you brought me over here?" She asked slightly afraid, the poor girl.

Rhiannon's POV

Why the fuck have they brought me ove here? What do they want from me?

"Can I see your wrist?" Nigel asked as the other four boys all looked at eachother with a uneasy look. "Please?" Nigel begged.

I let out a sigh ad gave up. "Okay."  said in defeat. As I showed him my wrist I heard Harrison gasp and Zachary curse under his breath. As I looked at my wrist properly I saw a purple bruise in the shape of Gavin's hand. A tear streamed down my face as my phone buzzed to life.

"Who's that?" Lucus asked me.

"My mum. She wants to do a face chat." I amswered looking at my phone. "Two seconds..." I said as I answered the call.

Niall's POV

A woman in her mid 50's came to the screen with a little girl around Katie's age.

"Hey Rhiannon." The little girl said as Rhi closed her eyes and took in a breath of air.

"Carys, you know I hate it when people call me Rhiannon. So... When I get home prepare for a pound-in." Rhi joked as the Carys poked her tounge out, got up and left. When she did I noticed she was wearing a 1D top. So, both sisters are fans. Great!

"Hey baby girl!" The woman said which caused me to smile and Liam to giggle. 

"I thought I was your baby girl!" Carys said. Louis burst out laughing when Rhi's little sister said this.

"STEVE! Get Carys!" Rhi's mum screamed and a few seconds later Steve, which I'm assuming is Rhi's dad, ran into the room and Carys screamed for help. Then all I seen was Carys being slung over Steves shoulder with his ranting 'Wrestling match' over and over. Rhi laughed and all of us squezed our lips shut to stop the laughter from coming out.

"MAM! I told you, don't call me that! It's embarrassing! Anyway, I'm not a kid anymore." Rhi said and blushed a little bit. God I love it when a girl blushes. It's so cute. I looked up from Rhi ans saw Harry looking at Sophie.

Rhiannon's POV

Harrison had better not try his luck with Sophie now 'cos she's decided to stay with Corey. He's a really nice guy apart from his relation with Gav. But Corey said he doesn't want anything to do with Gav, which I'm fince with because I don't either.

"Well, you'll always be my baby girl no matter what. You'll be saying the same to your kids when you have some." My mum siad.

"Yeah... When I have some." I sad and face palmed myself. I only now realised what hand I used ro face palm myself with... My right one. The one with the big purple mark of Gavin's hand on it... Wht is my mum saw it?

"Rhi? What is that on your wr-" She started but I cut her off, trying to change the subject.

"I want you to meet some people. Mum, this is Nigel, Harrison, Zachary, Lenny and Lucas. Guys, this is my m um, Delyth." I said as I turned my phone to each of the boys as they gave a wave as U said their names. "And I want you to meet... Katie." I said as I turned around to Katie wheo was now half awake. She seemed to hear me and gave a small smile and a wave our way. "She's Carys' age. Exactly her age. They share the same birthday. Katie lives in Town Hill, so I gave Katie Carys' number so she can give Carys a ring to meet up some time. Katie's never had a friend who's shared the same birthday as her before so she's really chuffed." I rambeld on trying to make mum forget she seen my bruise.

"Well, I'm glad you've met some nice friends but what's that mark on your wrist." Mum asked me.

'Fuck it! I'm busted!' I thought to myself. "Nothing. I-it's nothing mum." I lied.

"I can tell your lying Rhi. Don't tell me it's nothing because I know it's not. No, what is it?" Mum asked, getting impatiend now.

"Fine! But... Don't freak out okay? I'll send you a picture to show the poliece." I shouldn't have added that last part because when I asked her not to freak she dont the exact opposite. As I showed her my big purple bruse she said 'That fucking bastard! Gavin's going to pay for doing that to you!' All the boys heard it and went red in the face trying to hold back laughter at my mums responce. Nigel was the only one who didn't do anything but look horrified at his friends. Nigel signalled for me to give my phone to him, so I did.

"Hello" He said politely. "I'm Nigel. Don't worry about a thing. I'll look after Rhi for you. I'm going to strap her hand up in case she hits it and ends up in hospital with worse injuries. I'll keep an eye on her at the hotel as me and my friends are staying there too. So please, there's no need to worry." Nigel assures my mother.

"Okay then. Thank you. That's very kind of you" Mum said as Nigel smiled at her.

"I'll pass you back to her now." Nigel said and passed my iPhone back to me.

"See! I'll be fine." I said. "Oh, and thanks for the 'surprise'. When the pilot announced out names I choked on my water AND stopped breathing! Sophie and Georgia looked like ghost's too." I said and my mum looked at me while trying to hold back laughter. After a few seconds she couldn't hold it in any longer and she erupted with a massive laughing fit. "Mam" It's not funny. Anyway, I gotta go now. I'll send you the pictures now. Love you. And I miss you already. Bye mum." As I said this a tear  was let loose and I didnt know about it. I shutr my face time app and I looked up to see all the boys looking at one another with concerned faces. Before I could even process anything Nigel was holding me close to him trying to calm me down. I was full on crying. I must look really pathetic. Ever since the incident with Gavin, I've never been able to spend a night away from mum because I would be scared thinking that he would come back to try and finish me off. I shuddered at the thought of it and pulled out of Nigel's arm's. When I looked at my phone in my good hand I noticed I had a text from mum.

It read: 'I love you too Rhi. And since your old enough... I've decided you can have sex. But get pregnant and I'll dig you a grave. Not for the baby 'cos that would be mean. No, I'll dig it for you... Only joking hahaha. Nut have fun and be safe. Ring me when your at the hotel, okay? Love you and talk soon :) ;) xxx.' 

When I read it I went white in the face. Nigel took my phone from my hand and read it when he did he burst out laughing and soon enough my phone was being passed from every single boy as they joined Nigel and laughed. They loked at me and I must have looked scared and white too, which caused them to laugh even harder which I didn't think was even possible. Because of their extreme laughter they woke Sophie and Georgia up.

"About time! Your finally awake!" I joked at the boyes turned to face the girls and Sophie and Georgia looked blankly back at me. "We have roughly around thirty minutes until landing."

"How long have we been awake for?" Georgia asked and checked her phone soon followed by Sophie.

"Dunno. 4 hours. Maybe more." I said.

"What have you been up to then?" Sophie enquired looking at the boys then at me.

"Talked to Katie," I said pointing to her "talked to Rudi and Nigel and met these four. They're Nigel's friends." I said pointing to the four boys around me. "This is Zachary, Harrison, Luke and Lenny." I said namig and pointing out the boys in order. The girls said 'hi' to the boys as did they witht he girls.

Niall's POV

"Rhi? Should I...?" I askes pointing to her hand. She nodded and her friends came over. Rhi explained her briuse to her friends while sending the pictures to her mum that we took earlier. Her hand is pretty banged up. This Gaving dude must have a pretty nasty grip... Either that or Rhi bruises easily. She explained the accident that occured in collage and none of us boys could believe it. I wouldn't believe it! I mean, that ass hole raped Rhi AND pushed the poor girl out of a window (that's how she got her scar), fractured Georgia's knee and broke Sophie's arm! If I ever see this pric, he'll be six foot in the ground... And I'd be the one to bury the little fucker. 

Rhiannon's POV

As the pilot announced we were coming in to land and we all cheered. There were cheeres coming from all the way of the back of the plane too. Harrison sat by Sophie and Zach followed and Gerogia sat by Luke and Lucas while I sat by Katie and Nigel sat by me. 

~ 15 minutes later ~

Louis' POV

We're all talking to Paul while teh girls are getting thier bags. Harry's gone to get Katie for now so Paul can give her the backstage pass himself. As we're talking, Paul looks up ans spots Harry walking our way with one arm around Katie-kat.

"You must be Katie The boys have told me all about you." Paul said crouching down to Katie's level and ruffles her hair making her giggle. I wonder if El would like kids some day. A kid like Katie is my dream daughter. She is so fucking cute. "Here's your backstage pass. Keep is safe, okay?" Paul asked and Katie nodded putting it in her rucksack as soon as Paul gave it to her.

"Well guys, get your stuff and I'll meet you in the car okay?" We all nodded and Paul put his hoddie up befor giving Katie a high-five. He put his shades on and took Liam's spare bag to look like a normal guy. As he walked away we all joined the girls who were still getting luggage. Rhi had two suticase as did Georia and Sophie had two suitcases along with a smaller one. We all looked at them and they just shrugged.

"What? We're ere for a month. The small one has make-up, accessory's and hair styling stuff in it ans the others are full of clothes and stuff we need." Rhi explained at they all high-fived eachother and started putting their luggage on their trolleys. I helped Katie put her suitcase and bag on a trolley then helped the boys sort ours out.

Beofre we knew it we were all heading out of the airport together, laughing and joking. Liam's already told Harry off for sitting on his trolly and acting like a baby and Niall for ramming Zayn into me. The girls all decided to walk behind us, acting like they don't know us.

As we reached the car park we all stopped and waited for the girls. When they finally came they were on about us. Not us as in our disguises but us as celebrities. As One Direction. They were arguing over who's fitters. Girls today... I'm telling you. Fucking gossips. I should know, what with my  four sisters.

"Well girls, our ride is here." I said as I spotted Paul's car.

"Our's too." Rhi said as she found their ride. We all waited for Katie to say something but she was to busy looking around for someone. When she found the person, a woman ran up to her. She picked Katie-Kat up and spun her around in the air. Katie introduced us and she said she had some big news to tell her. Most probably about the backstage passes for tonight. as we told her not to tell the girls. We all said our goodbyes and gave eachother hugs. Niall had ears stream down his face when he said goodbye to Rhi. He kept her till last.

"Cheerup Nigel. We'll see eachother in..." Rhi started as she looked at her phone, "25 minutes." She said and laughed. Niall chuckled and hugged her. He kissed her bandaged hand, just like he did when he finnished strapping it up, and told her not to woork about Gavin. All she could do was nod to the floor. We said goodbye to Kaite and her mum and the girls said they would check on her before she leaves for our concert 'cos Katie gave them her room number.

As Rhi, Sophie and Georgia's car pulled up, we helped them ger their luggage ina dn waved them off even though we'll be seeing them in half and hour. Next was Katie's turn to head to the hotel. We all gave her a hug and aslo gave her our phoe numbers and Paul's only if she promised she wouldn't give them away. Obviously, she promised us. And to be honest, I thing we all trust her. Her mum put her luggage in the boot and then they were off.

As we made our way to Paul's car I heard Zayn ask Niall something but with no reply. Niall is never like this. He's never this quiet. Something's up with that boy. As we finished putting ourcases in the boot and got in we were away. We took off our disguises for now because the windows are tinted but we would need to put them back on for when we get out. Niall's face had tear streaks on it. Only one question was on my mind: Why is he crying so much over some girl...?

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