Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


13. "Please Rhi. I- I- I love you."

Rhiannon's POV

"WHOOOOOOO... I'M A GHOST! LOOK AT ME! BOOOOO!" Sophie shouted as she held her white dress up over her head, flashing to the world. Worst thing was... She wasn't wearing a bra! I laughed hysterically at her with tears streaming down my face. With all this laughing and the loud music my head is pounding and I'm starting to feel light headed.

"Remind me to kill Tori when I see her next. It was a bad idea, her packing our suitcases. SOPHIE YOU ARE NOT, I REPEAT, YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING GHOST! WE HAVE COMPANY! LOOK WHO'S HERE...!" Georgia yelled from behind my back. When Sophie looked up she looked horrified. I couldn't look up much more because I was still laughing even though I wanted to stop. I feel like I'm gonna pass out soon...

Sophie's POV

"Remind me to kill Tori when I see her next. It was a bad idea, her packing our suitcases. SOPHIE YOU ARE NOT, I REPEAT, YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING GHOST! WE HAVE COMPANY! LOOK WHO'S HERE...!" Georgia yelled from behind Rhi's back. When I looked up I instantly regretted it. Rhi had tears rolling down her face, looking a little pale but continued to laugh. Georgia looked humiliated and almost scared and then... Them. The 5 teenage boys. My 5 idols. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis were all stood before me. Zayn and Louis were looking around the room and not at all looking in the direction of me. Niall was looking at Rhi. Liam was trying to snap Georgia out of her trance while Harry was staring at me. In the end Liam gave up on Georgia and turned to Harry who was now staring at my boobs.

"OH, SHIT! SORRY!" I shouted above the music.

"Oh, please don't stop on my account." Harry said as I blushed. All heads apart from Rhi's snapped around at his comment. I quickly let go of my dress to cover my body.

"Help her down Haz! Don't just stare at her!" Niall commanded.

"Oh. Yeah..." Harry said as he pulled a chair around for me to step down onto while giving me a hand.

I blushed slightly. "Thanks Harry." I said as I got on the floor and brushed my dress down. I looked at Georgia who had her phone in her hand with a red light flashing on the top signalling that it was on record. What's she been videoing...? I soon shook it off.

"Your welcome." He said as he leaned in to me. "By the way, your fucking fit. I wouldn't mind having a go at you." He whispered only loud enough for me to hear.

I decided to play along. "Ya never know... Maybe you will." I whispered back to him. God, the things they write about him ARE true...

"Okay. Maybe I'll see you in bed then. How about that?" He whispered in my ear. God! He's such a dirty pervert.

I blushed slightly at his comment. "Oh, Harry! Stop it!" I said a little loud and I hit his shoulder. I looked up to see lust in his eyes.

"Hey! Rhi? Look who's here!" Georgia said but because of the booming music Rhi didn't hear her. "RHI? NIALL'S HERE!" Georgia shouted and caused Louis to jump considering she just shouted in his ear. Aww, poor 'Boo Bear'. Rhi looked around with her hand on her forehead, not looking at all well.

"Hey gorgeous." Niall said as he looked Rhi in the eyes. She studied them for a moment until something hit her.

She still had her hand on her forehead and looked quite white in the face. She started to look unsteady. "Wha- wha- what?" She stuttered out. Before any of us could react she was unconscious on the floor.

Rhiannon's POV

"RHI? NIALL'S HERE!" Georgia shouted to me. I looked around with my hand on my forehead, not  feeling at all well. I feel really unsteady...

"Hey gorgeous." Niall said as he looked me in the eyes. I studied them for a moment until something hit me. I've seen them somewhere today. But that's impossible. Wait... No. It can't be! Niall can't be Nigel! He- he just can't be! Can he?

I still had my hand on my forehead. I started to feel a lot more light headed. "Wha- wha- what?" I stuttered out. Before any of the boys or the girls could react I was the floor. That was when everything went black...

Niall's POV

What the fuck just happened?

Oh my fucking God!

Is she okay?

These were the main things running through my head.

Now I'm starting to panic...! One minute Rhi was laughing but did look a little white, the next she was looking me in the eyes before she stuttered out and then, out of nowhere, she had collapsed on the floor. I quickly got down on the floor and picked her limp body up and place it on my lap. I pushed her hair out of her face and when I studied her features, she looked in pain.

"I'll go and get some water to pour over her. Maybe it'll wake her up. I've seen it on T.V loads of times." Liam said as he got up from being around me and Rhi. Sophie and Harry are the only ones who aren't surrounding us. Louis was by Rhi's feet. Liam and Georgia were on mine and Rhi's right and Zayn on our left.

I started fanning Rhi as I got quite panicked. What's the matter with her?

"Wait! Liam! I'll come with you!" Georgia shouted just as I was about to turn to her to see if she knows why Rhi's like this.

"Okay then. C'mon." Liam said as he grabbed Georgia's hand and pulled her to the bar. By now, people in the room were looking in out direction, whispering and looking at me and Rhi. There were some taking photos of us too. I looked up and seen Harry had his hands all over Sophie. What the fuck?!

Louis' POV

"Zayn? Have you seen Harry and Sophie? They're really going at it!" I said to Zayn as I pointed at Soph and Haz playing 'tonsil tennis'.

I looked to Zayn and I knew what he was going to say but he decided to say it anyway. "I know! Let's hope they don't end up in bed with each other tonight, eh, Louis?"

"Ya I know. But you know Harry. He does like to work fast." I said as we both laughed. I looked up and noticed people taking photos of the two kissing, Liam and Georgia by the bar, and me, Zayn and Niall surrounding Rhi.

God, I hope she's okay. Niall's really starting to get scared. I mean, he really likes her and I would have done the same if I had just met El and she was like this. So, I understand what he's feeling. Even I'm a bit scared now for her.

Niall's POV

Why can't people just leave us alone? Why with all the photos? I started mumbling all sorts of things to Rhi, hoping she would wake up.

"C'mon Rhi, wake up."

"Please wake up."

"Come on Rhi. Don't do this to me."

"Please wake up beautiful."

"Please Rhi. Your scaring me now."

"Please Rhi. I- I- I love you." I said out loud. All chatting and whispering stopped in the bar. I couldn't care less actually. I'm glad they heard me. 'Cos I'm telling the truth. I do. I do love her. She's perfect in every way. I looked at the pain on her face as I wiped the tears away that had made their escape.

"Niall. Here's the water." Georgia said as she handed me the water and a towel.

"Thanks..." I mumbled as I took it from her hands and poured it over Rhi's head. She started spluttering and her eyes fluttered open. Liam, Georgia, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Sophie all gave a sigh of relief. She still looks white though. I helped her sit up as she got used to the light again. I handed her the towel as she wiped her face and rung her now soaked hair. When she went to stand up I pulled her back down onto my lap.

"Don't." I said a little to sternly. "Listen. I... I mean WE don't want you hurt Rhi. Take it easy. Okay?" I said softer as I held her waist, not allowing her to stand up from my grasp.

"Okay." She said through gritted teeth .

"Is there anywhere we can taker her away from all these people?" I asked as I saw Rhi's gaze look at all the strangers taking photos of us. I saw a bar attendant behind Lou and Zayn. I'm not sure they even know he's there...

"Yeah... C'mon. I'll take you." The attendant said making Lou and Zayn jump.

Sophie, Georgia and the boys all stood up. Louis and Zayn had their hands out for Rhi. She went to take them but I pulled her closer to me not allowing them to take her away. Zayn gave me a glare and I gave up. As soon as Rhi was up, I lept up beside her. She started getting wobbly and Zayn noticed. He quickly caught her before she fell again. I saw Louis look for the others and when he did he looked at Zayn who was still holding Rhi.

"Niall, c'mon. Let's get her somewhere before she collapses again. Look at all the attention we've gathered." Zayn said as he pointed to all the people around us. Some looking really worried at Rhi.

"C'mon. The guys have gone over to that room." Louis said as he pointed to a room beside the bar.

I went to pick Rhi up but she moved more into Zayn.

"Don't you dare 'Nigel'!" She said putting bunny ears around 'Nigel'. "I'll walk." She said as she turned her back on me, her hair slapping me in my face. I gave a smirk to her as she walked away. As she went to walk she stumbled. She quickly grabbed hold of a table to steady herself. Louis and Zayn looked to her then to me and I gave them a smirk. I stepped forward and picked her up, bridal style. Hopefully I'll be doing this again... Zayn and Louis were getting people out of the way for us like security as Rhi tried all she could to get from my grasp. As we reached the room that the other 4 were in, Rhi gave me a glare and when I saw it I gave her a smile. As I walked into the room I saw the desk in the corner and placed Rhi on it. Liam had some water for her too.

"Right. Let's get some things straight. You. Niall... Stay away from me. I don't want to be around you just so you can lie to me even more. Got it?" She shouted to me. Georgia and Sophie looked at each other then to Rhi.

"Rhi... You know. Don't you?" Sophie asked her.

Rhiannon's POV

"Yeah, I know. I know that 'Nigel' here knows half my fucking past. He knows half of the story what Gavin done to me and to you two. I know that my pop idol fucking used me." I spat. I could feel my face going red.

"Rhi... Babe, listen I didn't use you. Honest-" Niall started but Zayn cut him off. I looked at Niall and saw he was really hurt by my words. I shouldn't have been so harsh on him but I'm just so mad right now.

"Rhi, listen... Niall didn't use you. None of us did. We were only wearing disguises to get away from paparazzi." Liam said to me. I looked to him and Georgia and noticed they were holding hands? Huh?

"What about the names and the voices?" I asked as I crossed my arms going into pout mode.

"My idea." Niall said as he raised his hand.

'Should have known'. I whispered under my breath. "What fucking happened out there anyway?" I asked changing the subject.

"Sophie was being a 'ghost' and flashing her..." Niall started.

I gave Niall a look and he instantly regretted speaking to me. "I know that! I mean, why did I collapse?" I snapped.

"Well, Georgia shouted at Sophie then Georgia said I was here and I said "hey gorgeous" and you stuttered and fainted." Niall summed up.

I noticed a strange man by the door. "Have you been under any stress lately?" He asked me out of the blue. All heads snapped around to see him at the back of the room.

"I don't know... Maybe, I guess." I said confused.

"Wait... Didn't- didn't you say that Gareth showed up at your graduation today?" Louis said whilst clicking his fingers, like you do.

"Its Gavin actually. And yeah he did show up." I said correcting him.

"So you graduated today and a guy showed up...? Not what I really had in mind..." The guy said.

"Well, its more to it than that. The guy who showed up at our graduation done stuff to us in the past... So between graduation, him, my dad nearly beating the shit out of him, saying goodbye to friends, a surprise holiday to NYC and have a topless One Direction walk in on us at our hotel as well a tickets to see them perform plus a lot more than that... So yeah!" I said, getting worked up.

"Right, Rhi... Chill, okay? I know your pissed off at me at the moment and I understand that. But just calm down. C'mon we're taking you back to the hotel..." Niall said as he held his hand out for me. I gave him a uneasy look. "Rhi, look, I know I was a jerk for not telling you that it was really me, but please babe. I really, really wanted too. Please give me a chance?" He said like he had just cheated on me and regretted it.

"Prove it." I challenged.

Everyone in the room looked puzzled.

"Prove what?" Niall asked with a stupid look on his face.

"Prove that you really wanted to tell me. Then I'll forgive you." I replied.

"How...?" He trailed off. Zayn whipped his phone out of his pocket and when he found what he was looking for he came over to me. He handed me his phone and I gave him a stupid look, he just rolled his eyes at me.

"Listen to this." He said as he cranked the volume up full blast and hit the play button. He skipped through a minute and a half of the video until he found what he wanted.

'Listen to yourself Niall...' Zayn shouted.

'I am Zayn!' Niall yelled back.

'Zayn! Calm down for christ sake!' Liam said.

'So your okay with this?' Zayn shouted to Liam.

'Well, yeah. I support him. Just like he supported me when I was with Danielle and Sophia.' Liam added.

'What ever! Just piss off Liam. How can you say that Niall? Eh?' Zayn said as someone slammed a door in the background. My guess is that it was Liam.

'Easy! I wish I could tell Rhi who I am... But- but what is she hates me afterwards? I like her Zayn.' Niall said a little softer.

'WHAT?!?' Zayn shouted back at Niall's previous comment.

'I like Rhi Zayn. I like her a lot. End of!' Niall shouted and a door slammed again. This time I was sure it was Niall.

Zayn hit the pause button and placed a hand on my back. "Look, Rhi. I think he's stupid about this and he knows it but... He really is serious about you weither you like it or not and weither you feel the same or not too." Zayn said as he took a seat next to me on the desk and pulled me towards him for a hug. I just hope Perrie won't mind but I hugged Zayn back.

"Rhi...?" Niall asked as his adorable accent broke the silence in the room. "Is that enough to prove to you?" He asked adding the last part.

"Yes." I mumbled.

"C'mon. Let's go home. You've all have a few to drink... Some more than others." Liam said referring to Sophie for the last part.

Niall's POV

"C'mon. Let's go home. You've all have a few to drink... Some more than others." Liam said pointing to Sophie. I let out a small laugh.

"Harry and Zayn, take Sophie out to the car. Louis go and get the car. And Niall, can you help Rhi?" Liam asked us as Louis left to get the car ready.

"Yeah. Okay." Me, Haz and Zayn all  answered.

"You wanna try walking or don't you want to risk is?" I asked Rhi while Haz and Zayn walked Sophie out the door.

"Don't want to risk it?" Rhi said more like a question.

I gave a small chuckle and scooped he up off the desk, bridal style again. She wrapped one arm around my neck and placed her head on the crook of my neck.

This moment is perfect for me. Its the one moment I will never forget. This moment is just so right. I never want it to end... Me and Rhi. I think she's definitely the one for me.

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