Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


3. "Oh My God. We've just finished Uni guys!"

Sophie's POV

"Oh My God. We've just finished Uni guys! I can't believe it!" I said as Evan and Team Double J joined us.

"I know It's brilliant." Georgia said.

"Hallelujah bitches!" Rhi shouted out causing all of us to cry out in laughter. We all shared a group hug and Tori and Rhi started crying. "Rhi, why the hell are you crying?" I asked. She just stared at me and started sobbing again. Eric peeled Tori of Rhi to calm her down and Jason pulled Rhi into a hug. I think she must have felt awkward but she didn't hold back. When she looked up she had maskara trickling down her face, bless her. She is always the most sensible out of out little trio but always the one known for crying the most.

"I'll b-be back in t-two min-utes." Rhiannon stuttered as she walked towards her mother. We all started talking again just as my phone puzzed to life. 

Corey - 'Hey babe. Sorry I couldn't come to the graduation. I got held up. My boss wanted to talk to me about something. I'll be there in 10 okay? See you then. Have you told the girls by the way? And Evan?'

Sophie - 'Hey Corey. Don't worry about it. What did your boss want? And no, I haven't told the gang yet. Not even Evan. But It'll be okay. Don't worry about it.'

Corey - 'Don't know what my boss was on about really. Wasn't listening. Well, okay then. We'll tell them together. See you in 10.'

Sophie - 'Okay babes. See you in 10.'

Just as I locked my phone, Rhi came back with a tissue in her hands but her face was now cleaned. She also had fresh mascara on. Her mum must have done it for her.

"Are you okay now Rhi?" Georgia asked Rhi while pulling her into a hug. 

"Yeah. I'm fine. My mum said we need to leave in 20 minutes though Sophie." When she said this I felt  scared almost immediately. Why would Del want me?

"What about me?" Georgia whined.

"And you. Of course." Rhi said, rolling her eyes.

"Why? I wanted to ask you something." Jason said, looking at the floor which caused all of us to look at him.

"Sorry Jase. But she said it's really important. She said we need to be somewhere at 1 O'clock sharp. But once we've gone where our parents want us to go I'll give you a ring to meet up. Is that okay?" Rhi said looking quilty.

"Yeah. You promise?" Jase said looking a bit more hopeful with his pinky in the air.

"Your so childish." Rhi chuckled as she wrapped her pinky around his.

They don't know it, but they really do look cute together. They could have a really bright future ahead of them if they were to get together again. Everyone think's so.

Georgia's POV

Is that who I think it is? Do my eye's deceive me? No, it can't be... He's supposed to be in the Young Offenders Insutue. What the hell is he doing out? I wonder if Rhi and Sophie know's? And what about our parents? Should I tell Rhi or just leave her?

Rhiannon's POV

"What are you all going to do now that we've finished uni?" I asked the group as we all passed our mobile numbers to those who didn't have them.

"We're going to spain with our families" Tori said as she pecked Eric's lips.

"I'm going to look for a part time job and in 6 week's time I'm going to have a week's holiday." Evan said.

"We're going to work for our dad's company for a while." Jacob added looking pleased.

"A job's a job at the end of the day. At least we wont have to look for one. Dad's even going to pay us too." Jason said as the pair high-fived eachother.

"What are you gonna do Rhi?" Tori asked me.

I looked at the girls and smiled. "Well, we're going to relax, hang out, go partying and then look for a job."  When I said this Georgia and Sophie high-fived eachother then done the same to both of my hands and cheered. It was then I notice him standing by a tree watching us. Georgia saw where my gaze was and followed. She looked at me in horror and I just smiled like I was totally unaffected by the whole situation.

"I'll be back in a few..." I said walking away not waiting for anybody's response.

Gavin's POV

"Well, look who it is. Hey beautiful. Gonna give me a kiss considering we haven't seen each other in 4 years 'cos of our little misunderstanding." I said as I stepped closer to Rhi.


"Ouch. That hurt. I only wanted a little kiss baby." I said jokingly.

"Gav, fuck off. Leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you and you know it. Not after what you done to me, Sophie and Georgia." She said. I could tell I was scaring the bitch. And to be honest, good. I stepped closer and grabbed her writs making her eyes tear up.

"GAVIN, GET YOUR HAND'S OFF OF MY DAUGHTER NOW, YOU PATHETIC LUMP OF SHIT!" Steven yelled from behind me making me jump and instantly let go of Rhi's arm. "Rhi, go say good-bye to your friends.Your mother wants to take some photos. I'll deal with him. Get Micky (Emma's fianceé) to ring the police too." Steven told Rhi as a tear rolled down her face. I didn't want to protest. I mean, he's massive. And with Micky and Georgias stepdad, that wouldn't go down to well.

Rhiannon's POV

I'm shaking so hard right now... 

"Micky? My dad is asking could you ring the police for him please?" I asked tears coming down my face like Niagra Falls.

"Yeah, I'll do it now. Go back over to your friends and calm down. It's okay. Don't worry." he said and I nodded heading over to my friends. Thank god this time I have water-proof mascara on or else...

"Rhi? Are you all right? Babe, look at me..." Jason said while pulling my face up so he could see. "Who was he?" I just held my wrist to my body not saying anything to Jase as I continued to cry.

"Corey... Over here!" Sophie shouted as she ran towards this Corey dude. He picked her up, spun her around and kissed her forehead.

"Hi babe." She smiled as he put her down on the floor again.

"Guys... This is Corey. He's my new boyfriend." We all turned around to face Evan who just stood their in shock. We all heard serens and all of our head turned around to see the police putting Gavin in the back of the car.

"Wait... That's Gavin." Corey said squinting his eyes to get a better view of Gav. In a way they kinda look simular... Like they're related in some way.

How does he know Gavin...? I know Gav has a younger brother but they haven't seen each other in years. Wait it couldn't be possible... Could it???


Cliff hanger... Lol

Well, what do you all think?

Good start?

These past few chapters have been filler chapters really, but the most important are coming up maybe in chapter 4 or 5 but should definitely be out by chapter 6.

Well... How do you all think Sophie will handle it when she find's out Corey and Gavin are brothers? Will she stay with him? Or will she dump him because she doesn't want nothing to do with their family.

How do you think Evan will handle it that Sophie is dating some one else?

How do you think Jason will take it that Rhi didn't tell him about Gavin being back even though she had only found out a few hours earlier? Will he buck up the courage to ask her out later on in the story?

In the next chapter it maybe a very short one or if I'm feeling nice I'll make it a long  combined of 2 chapters... Depends what mood I'm in tomorrow L.O.L

In the next few chapters I will be holding a competition. Make sure to take part.

Well, until next time my little munchkins.

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Luv ya all 

~ Rhi ~ xxx

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