Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


12. ...funniest thing ever!

Rhiannon's POV

Its been 15 minutes and the boys still aren't here! Sophie is hammered... Already, and me and Georgia aren't drunk, drunk but we have had a few. To be totally truthful, I really don't feel well now. My head is banging and I feel quite sick. My breathing is getting a little out of time too.

"Sophie, what do you want to drink?" I asked her. Its my turn to go and get the drinks now.

"I'll have a vodka." She replied while dancing in her seat.

"Vodka and coke?" I asked her otherwise its just like she's drinking shots.

"No! Just vodka." She said. More like biting my head off.

"Okay, jeeze. Take a fucking chill pill. What do you want Georgia? I'm just gonna have a coke. Not really feeling well now." I said as I turned to face her.

"Smernof ice, please." She asked with a little worry on her safe. I gave her a small, reassuring smile. I think Sophie needs to take a leep out of Georgia's book too, 'cos at least she had the fucking decency to say 'please'. "Are you sure your okay? You look a little white." She asked looking a little more worried now for some reason.

"Yes! I'm fine. Be back in a few. I'll get 3 of each so we won't have to go back up for a few minutes." I added as I walked away. I heard Georgia say 'good idea' as I turned my back and headed to the bar.

Georgia's POV

~ 3 minutes later ~

"Yay! Rhi's on her way back! Took her long enough." Sophie said. As I looked up I saw Rhi coming towards us with another load of drinks.

"Yeah I know. Should I text the boys to see how much longer they'll be?" I asked as I went to open a new text up on my phone completely ignoring the fact Sophie's more interested in drinks than anything.

"Yeah... Actually, no. Let Rhi do it. Niall did give HER the numbers." Sophie said putting emphasis on 'HER'.

"What's that?" Rhi asked as she set the drinks on the table. She gave a quick glance to the door. She's most probably getting anxious about the boys.

Sophie spoke up and when she said "Your texting the boys to find out what's happening." Rhi went even paler.

"WHY ME?!?" She shouted.

"Sophie said 'cos Niall gave YOU the numbers YOU should ring them.'" I said truthfully as Sophie slapped me around the head for saying so.

"Just fucking give them a text or a fucking ring you pussy." Sophie said, more like yelled to Rhi.

I gave Rhi a look that read 'just do it.' She saw it and gave up.

"Fine. Fine. I'll do it." She said as she threw her arms up in the air in defeat. She got her phone out and typed one of the numbers in while reading it off of the note. She held the phone to her ear and waited for a answer.

Rhiannon's POV

~ 2 minutes later ~

"Who was that?" Sophie asked me as she took another sip of her vodka.

"Liam." I said simply. When I said Liam's name Georgia stopped what she was doing. She lept up from her seat and grabbed my wrists making he whimper in pain when she roughly grabbed my still bandaged right wrist. "What did he say?" She asked, spitting in my face.

"He said that they are leaving now. They'll be 15 minutes or less." I said as I looked to the door then back to her. She looked really excited when I said that. "Can you let go of my hand now? Your really hurting me." I asked as I pointed to my hand.

"Oh, shit! I'm really sorry Rhi. Are you okay?" Georgia asked, getting really panicky when she realised what she had done.

"Yeah I'm fine. Let's finish these drinks before we order one more and then it's dance time." I said. Sophie heard us and chugged down her remaining vodka. Georgia finished her second glass of Smernof Ice and I done the same with my coke. Me and Georgia decided to leave our remaining drinks but Sophie on the other hand has gone up to the bar to order a glass of wine! God, that girl can drink!

Niall's POV

Liam and Harry have told me something. I know, I know. Yeah, they tell me everything... But this I was gob-smacked over.

When Lou and Zayn were talking to Katie's mum back at the hotel, me, Harry and Liam were talking to Katie. Well, when I say talking, more like truth or dare. So Katie asked Haz and Liam if they liked Sophie and Georgia, and if so, which one. Haz said Sophie and Liam said Georgia. The only reason I was left speechless is, the fact that Liam is always on-and-off with Danielle, and he's only recently broken up with Sophia after a nasty argument, and then out of the blue, he said that he liked Georgia. And I mean really, really likes her. I just hope, if they do get together, that this relationship will really work and not fall apart after two seconds.

Georgia's POV

The boys should be arriving anytime soon. Rhi keep's saying she's okay but she looks quite ill. Sophie is dancing on the table and getting quite a bit of attention off of the remaining men here in the bar. To make it worse, Rhi is laughing hysterically which is only encouraging Sophie more.

"Whoooooooh" Sophie screamed as she held up her dress, revealing her boob's to the world. Oh. My. Fucking. God!

Rhiannon's POV

~ 14 minutes later ~

The boys are gonna be here any minute now. Georgia's by the door so she can welcome the boys and Sophie's dancing on a table. I'm laughing at the foot of the table at her.

"Whoooooooh" Sophie screamed like a ghost as she held up her dress, revealing her boob's to the world.

"S-s-sophie," I said but failed to get the words out in one because of the laughter that's erupted from me like a volcano exploding. "Stop it! Everyone's looking at us." I said in one this time. Through all this laughing, my head is really bad and I feel like I'm gonna vomit any minute now, but at the same time I don't want to. I held my stomach because I felt a stitch coming.

Liam's POV

For the past two minutes we've been stood behind Georgia and she hasn't even noticed us being here. So, after seeing Sophie flashing to the world I decided to get things going.

I cleared mt throat and spoke up. "Are you the girls Niall gave our numbers to at the concert?" I said laughing as I pointed to Sophie and Rhi. I know. Stupid question. 

I noticed Haz starring at Sophie's boobs. "HARRY! Stop starring at the girls boobs for christ sakes!" I said as I hit him in the stomach.

"Sorry." He added. He didn't even look ashamed! That pervert.

"Yeah we are the girls Liam. Sorry you have to see them like this. Sophie's the one flashing and Rhi is the one laughing and I'm Georgia."

"Nice you meet you." Zayn piped in giving Georgia a smile. He's a little better than earlier on considering he threatened Niall to tell him why he was acting like he was with Rhi. He doesn't like it but he said he'd behave.

"Same to you. Um, thanks for the drinks but Sophie's had a few to many..." She said pointing to the girls. "C'mon, I'll introduce you to them." She added.

I looked to the boys and we all shared a smirk. I hope they won't be to pissed off when the find out we were the guys on the plane.

"Okay." Niall said. We followed georgia over to the girls and that's when we witnessed the most funniest thing ever!

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