What about you? ( 1D Fan-fiction )

17 year old Nicole Rand's life is tough, but when she found out a lie. Things start to fall.But after that she meets One Direction. What do you think will happen, read to find out. This is my first movella, I hope you guys will like it!!


2. The truth

.......a document saying i was adopted.I can't believe my parents lied. Why is my life terrible? I read the document over and over again, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed a backpack and put some of my clothes and my money in.I didn't even bother to take my phone so I just left on my table. I know my parents wouldn't be back till late night, so I took this opportunity to run away. I wrote a note for my parents and left it on my pillow. I crawled of my window and ran to the streets.  I didn't know where to go, then I thought of running to Chloe's house but i didn't want my parents looking for me there. So I just kept walking until I ran into a group of guys that I probably think is One Direction. As I ran into them, I quickly said sorry and walked away. I could feel them glancing at me. I could felt someone pull my wrist so I turned around to see, I suppose is Niall pulling my wrist. I couldn't run so I just stood there looking at the floor. He asked me what was my name and I just said " Nicole". He said " Okay Nicole, are you okay?". I just answered him and said " Ya, I'm fine thanks". After that, he loosen his grip on my wrist and I took my chances and walked away.



 * Author's Note: So sorry for this short chapter, I didn't have time and my hands are hurting. Anyways I wanted to say thank you to whoever that read my movella. Thanks guys!!! I'll update asap.

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