What about you? ( 1D Fan-fiction )

17 year old Nicole Rand's life is tough, but when she found out a lie. Things start to fall.But after that she meets One Direction. What do you think will happen, read to find out. This is my first movella, I hope you guys will like it!!


1. A Tough Life

Nicole's POV

  What the hell,Amber!!!!!! What's wrong with you? Why can't you stand it that i got an A instead of you!!!! I can't even explain Amber Carrington, she's just so evil. I can't believe a guy would actually date her. Unfortunately,she's class president and the queen bee. So back to the story, Amber 'accidently' poured a cup of slushy over my head. I get bullied by her and her 'gang' practically almost everyday. So it's not unusual that she wouldn't do anything to me.

   After that 'incident', my best friends and only friends, Chloe and Sophie, brought me to the washroom to clean up and I just sat in there sobbing my eyes out. Every time Amber does anything to me I would just sit in the washroom and cry. I wish that everyday could be better but not even God would help me. My homeroom teacher saw what happened and brought me to see the counseling teacher, the counseling teacher called my parents and told that what happened. After school, my parents told me how sorry they felt for me and asked me why didn't i tell them i was being bullied by people. I didn't tell them cuz i didn't want them to worry. I'm not rich or anything, I'm just a normal girl being a normal girl. I'm not special or anything.

  After my parents left the house to meet a client, I went to my parents room to borrow my mom's book. Then, I found a brown folder under the bed with my name on it. So i picked it up and found a document saying I was ......

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