New School

I am a normal human until my mum change me to a school, I never knew exist!!! Fantasy creatures in story I read when I was little. This wasn't possible. But it was. Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Angels, Demons, Zombies, Wizards, ETC.... It was so much more than anyone can ever imagine. This school is amazing. Every thing wasn't what I thought High school would be like. It a place where we could do anything we like. This was a boarding school. My parents knew what school these is and there was a secret behind them. It all started on the day I went to that school. My life changed forever.


1. Chapter 1


Hello, My name is Violet Drew Quach but people call me Vi. I have 1 older brother. His name is Richard Drew Quach but I call him Rich. I'm a belieber but I also like one direction, my favorite guy in the band is Niall. :)) I have a pet dog. He is a husky and his name is Cusha. My parents isn't divorce or anything, they love each other more than anything. They aren't really strict but they don't like me being late home without a good explanation. My besties are Ivy Nguyen and Polly Le and I called them Ivy and Polly. We are all different but we love each other and we share everything with each other. I have long black wavy hair, Violet colour eyes (that where my name come from), Tan body, I'm not skinny nor fat I curved in the right places. Vy is skinny, brown straight long hair, Brown eyes. Polly is black straight short hair, Skinny and brown eyes. Me and my mum have the same eyes colour, Richard and dad have the same gray eyes colour. I know it weird but we love it because we are different. And different to us is fabulous. I'm single too lol FA= forever available.


Brrrr Brrrr* (phone call)

Waking up to a phone call is the worst wake up ever, disturbing me from my "Beauty" sleep. So I just rolled my eyes and answer the phone call.

-Hello, may I ask who you are?

-Wake up sleepy head, it's your brother here.-Bro


-Its your birthday today, did you forget?-Bro

-Wait today is my birthday? I totally forgot.

-WOW, I have never seen anyone like you in my life.-Bro

-Even so, It's my birthday so let me stay in bed longer.

-No can't do sis, Mum said that I have to take you out to the mall to let you buy some new clothes today.-Bro

-What? Are you serious?

-No I'm not "serious", I'm your brother. -Bro


-HAHAHA just get ready, and come down to eat your birthday breakfast! I'll wait for you in the living room.-Bro

Hung up*

I totally forgot today was my birthday, Omg!!! I should really get ready now. I'm really getting older today. I'm so happy that I get to go to the mall. I can't wait to receive my presents today!!! I always love mum and dad presents the most because every year their presents are the most marvellous things you could ever imagine. Last year they got me trainers that can run extremely fast. I won my school sports day for running with it which is super awesome. 

So after I got change to my favourite clothes I grab my phone and head down to the kitchen. There lay my Birthday breakfast, my favourite. After I ate breakfast, Richard who stopped watching TV drove me to the mall where I met my besties. He told me that my mum told me to hang out at the mall for the whole day and shop, I couldn't believe that my mum would ever let me shop all day long and I was super happy about it. So then I kiss him on the cheeks before he left. For the entire day, me and the girls went shopping like crazy. We bought a lot of stuffs and I don't my closet would have enough space for everything I've bought. By 5PM, We were hungry and tired we couldn't walk any longer, so we stopped at Starbucks and have a little rest and snacks before we left the mall and head back to my house. When we went in everything was black and SUDDENLY....


The light turn on and everyone started singing happy birthday to me. I was speechless, so all I could do was stood in the middle with a big smile on my face. My mum and dad then brought the cakes out and the candle was lighted so I blew it and made my birthday wish. I kissed my parents thanking them for this party and everything. They told me to come to the living room to cut the cakes so I did. After we ate the cake, it was PRESENT TIME!!!! My favourite time on my birthday. The first present was from my brother , it was a new black Iphone 5. Mine was currently an iphone 4 so yea I was so happy when I received that and hug him. My next present was from my besties, it was Justin Bieber posters and One Direction bracelet. I was fangirling a little which is because I was so happy and I love them. Last but not least, my parents gift. It was ...... a weird looking ring. It say Mongola in a weird handwriting kind of way the colour of the stone in it is Violet just like my eyes colour. It wasn't what I thought they would give but I'm glad that they took time to buy it for me so I thank them. Just then my mum gave me a folder? I look at them confuse and they told me to open it and read the sheet of paper inside. So I did and you would never believe what it was. I started reading, it was an application for some sort of School and I got accepted. It was great and all but I didn't want to change school. The girls knew from my expression that I was going to say something to my parent that they doesn't need to know about, so they left saying happy birthday to me.  This was many reasons why I love them. So I look at my mum once again and she started speaking.

-Look I know you don't want to change school but you have to trust me, you need to go to this school - Mum

-But mum...- Vi

-No but, I already made up my mind. -Mum

-Richard and you are going to go to that school together -Dad

-What? Richard is leaving to?-Vi

-Yea mum said it good for both of us so I agreed - Rich

-Why? why so suddenly? It only a school we can leave, after I finish this year -Vi

-I'm sorry if it so fast but the school first term is in 2 days so you guys are leaving tomorrow-Mum

-WHAT?!?! TOMORROW?!?!- Vi

-Yes so after this party you guys should pack your stuffs. This school is a boarding school so you guys are staying there -Dad

-STAY!?!?! No way what about my friends???- Vi

-You can still contact them by skype and stuff. -Mum

-Tell me mum why is this school so important to you and dad?- Vi

-I want to tell you guys something your dad and I is keeping away from you. You see that ring the one that we just gave you. Richard have one too that we gave him on his birthday but his stone match his eyes colour too. And your one Vi it yours and mine eyes colour.Your dad and I aren't the normal people like you think we are.-Mum

-What are you talking about mum? If you aren't normal human what are you? -Vi

-Yea what are you talking about mum?- Rich

-Your father is a Vampire and I'm Wizard, we went to that school when we were younger and that how we met each other.-Mum

-You've got to be kidding me. There are no such things as Vampire and Wizards. They are not real!!!-Vi

-Let me prove it to you- Mum

She did a spell and turn the tv into a cereal bowl. I was shocked, speechless even and so was Rich. All these time my parents have kept a secret this BIG from us. Wait if they are those creatures what about me and Rich, we must be something right?

-Mum and dad I have a question.-Vi

-What is it dear?- Mum

-What about us, me and Rich. what are we? -Vi

-You guys are something we never knew before.-Dad

-What do you mean? -Rich

-It meant your dad and I mate against the law so we ran away after we graduate, and we found out that I was pregnant and Richard was born. We hid away from them and have another baby which is Violet here. Until now. We learn that since you guys got mix from me and your dad, you have both of our powers. My power is magic, I can change anything and fly and do magical stuff -Mum

-My power is that I can read mind and hypnotise people into listening to my commands. I drink blood like all the other vampires and I can hear very clearly from a far distance -Dad

-How do you know we got both of your power?-Rich

-Cause when you sleep you float, just like me when i got into a certain age. But i stop floating after a month. You and Vi float for a month now so you both got my powers as a wizard. And you got your dad powers too. Because you guys can hear very far isn't that right? And also you also read mind and hypnotise people but that you have to learn in school just like your dad. -Mum

-WOW, it all seems so ....-Vi



-But nothing is Impossible my dear.-Mum

-What about these rings?-Vi

-Well, those rings help you to control your magic powers and you can't take them out after you put them on.-mum

I tried to pull my ring off but it didn't work. I used soap, water and butter but it didn't go off.

-Ok, we believe you but what about that school?-Rich

-You guys are going to be learning in that school for 3 years before you grown into proper magical vampiric wizard. I already told your new principle that you guys are different. He understand and he will help you. You can only come back twice a year and that's new year and christmas.- Mum

-What? no way? I can't stand not seeing you guys that long.-Rich

-Its ok, I love you guys and it'll be ok. But promise me one thing-Mum

-yes???-Rich and Vi

-You guys are not going to run away or hide in any circumstances. Please don't make my and your dad mistakes.-Mum

-We promise -Rich and Vi

-Well you guys should go up and pack now. Tomorrow you guys will say good bye to your friends before leaving. Good night my dear -Mum

-Night mum, night dad -Vi and Rich

I can't believe it! I'm going to leave tomorrow. I'll miss my parents and friends so much!!! What about Cusha, he can't leave me in any circumstances! But I can't believe my parents are those kinds of creatures. And now me and Rich is going to learn their powers. This is the weirdest birthday surprise ever....  

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