New School

I am a normal human until my mum change me to a school, I never knew exist!!! Fantasy creatures in story I read when I was little. This wasn't possible. But it was. Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Angels, Demons, Zombies, Wizards, ETC.... It was so much more than anyone can ever imagine. This school is amazing. Every thing wasn't what I thought High school would be like. It a place where we could do anything we like. This was a boarding school. My parents knew what school these is and there was a secret behind them. It all started on the day I went to that school. My life changed forever.


3. Arriving at the new school

After a few hours, the train reached our destination. Everyone got off and head toward the school, me and Ri follow them but we stopped at the gate since we didn't know where to go next. Until a bright looking man came over to us, he is our school principle that mum told us about. He is a Vampire and a very good friend of dad. He knew our parents did it against the laws but he is going to help us anyway. He gave us our timetables and shows us to our sharing rooms. There are 5 buildings in this school. 3 buildings for the 3 year groups and 1 for the teachers and the last one are used for cafeteria, the stage and the field. Ri was a year above me so he stayed in another building.

My roommates are 3 girls; their name is Olivia, Madison and Abigail. Olivia is a Witch, Madison is a Vampire and Abigail is a werewolf. They were all good when I told them Cusha was going to live with them. They were all really friendly and kind. We get to know each other more after we talked. I found out that Olivia and I are both beliebers and Abigail and Madison is both Directioners. My fave guy from the band is Niall, Olivia is Zayn, Abigail is Harry and Madison is Liam. They told me they have a crush on 3 of the hottest guys in our year groups. The guys however were in a group of 4, their names is Ethan, Zack, Luke and Jacob. Nearly all the girl in school is head over heels crushing on them. Olivia has a crush on Ethan, Abigail has a crush on Luke and Madison has a crush on Zack. After they show me the photos of the four boys, I had my eyes on Jacob. He looks different than the other guys which make me attract to him. Ethan is a wizard, Zack is also a Vampire, Luke is a werewolf and Jacob is someone which no one knows what he is. His parents were from different species just like me so no one knows what he is. But the girls all knew that none of us will ever get a chance with the hottest guys so we only leave it as a crush. The girls told me that there are 2 prefects for each building and a teacher who is in charge. Our year group prefects is a guy name Will and a girl name Ava. They were also a couple which was nice.

We will start our lessons tomorrow so the girls and I went and have a tour around the school. They showed me my locker and we went to the office altogether to get our uniforms and stuffs. I thought to myself that things would be tough from now on but I can never give up. When we finish collecting our stuff we went to the field. Olivia brought her broom so she shows us how to fly using a broomstick. It was amazing to get to see the school from a high view. I love it so much. After a few hours of flying we rested on the bench and ate some snacks. Madison wasn't like us; while we drank water she drank blood. It was scary looking at it so I looked another direction. Just then I saw 4 of the guys that were in the picture the girls show me so I nudged them to look at the direction I'm looking at. The guys sat on the opposite bench from us which cause the girls to blush when they look. Me on the other hand didn't and started laughing on how funny all the girls look when they are blushing. I was laughing so much and caused the guys to look at me all crazy. But I didn't care. I told the girls I'll just have a few more practice riding the broom stick. When I was about to fly up, my eyes met Jacob eyes. I remember his name from the photo and didn't stop looking until he starts smiling at me. I didn't know i was blushing until Olivia came over and ask me why my face was red as a tomato. This caused me to laugh and told her I’m fine. Then I started to fly up, I would never dream of a day I could fly until now. This is the best experience of my life. Suddenly, I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder which caused me to look back instantly. It was Jacob. Why was he up here? Is he looking for me? Why? My mind was asking me thousands of questions in a minute. As if Jacob read my mind he started talking.

-Hey! -Jacob

-Hi -Vi

-You're new here right? -Jacob

-Yea, this is my first year here. -Vi

-Well, nice to meet you. I'm Jacob but you can call me Jay. I like it better if you call me that. -Jacob

-Ok, Jay. I'm Violet Drew Quach but you can call me Vi. -Vi

-Kay, it amazing how this is your first year and you can fly.-Jay

-Well, Olivia is a witch and she ride like this all the time so she taught me how to. -Vi

- Oh ok. But even so you are natural. -Jay

-Thanks Jay. -Vi

-You look cute when you smile, you know that? -Jay

-No one ever told me that before.- Vi (start blushing like crazy)

-Do you mind if we have a race? -Jay

-Sure, I'm up for anything. ;) -Vi

-Great, so when I count to 3 we will start. The first to get back here is the winner. 1...2...3 Go!!!-Jay

(As soon as I heard go, the broom sticks start going in an extremely fast speed. I nearly fall a couple of time but I still didn't let go. Jay was faster than me even though this was like extreme speed. When we reach to the finish line, Jay won. I lost but I was glad that Jay won.)

-Congrats Jay, you won!!! -Vi

-Thanks but I have to say, you are the only girl which had ever went on that extreme speed without falling off. You're really brave.-Jay

-Thanks Jay but that was nothing. I'm not that good.- Vi

-Are you serious? That was awesome!!! -Jay

-Thanks but my name isn't serious it Vi. -Vi

(As soon as I said that we both burst out laughing. This was the first time; I have ever heard Jay laugh. It was adorable.)

-We should go down now. Everyone might be worried. -Vi

-Yea, we should. It was a great match; you should join in our broom stick racing team. We would surely win if we have you.-Jay


-Yea -Jay

-I should think about this. Thanks for the offer Jay.-Vi

(We landed our broomstick and went to our friends. The girls finished all the snacks and had tidy up everything. They told me the guys came over and talked to them which made them to blush so much. Which cause me giggle a little. After told them about what happens they were shocked. I was really tired so I and the girls went back to our rooms. But before we left Jay came over and said good night to me. I smiled and did the same before i left. I think I'm falling a little for Jay.)



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