The School Badass's (not famous)

Beca Lilieon. Shes 17. Has brown smooth long hair. Wears glasses and has 1 friend. She has a tomboy style by wearing skiney jeans plaid buttom up shirts with tank tops under. She is a gamer. Has those perfect grades and is the Class nerd. The Badass's at school are Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne. Her Only friend is Louis Tomilinson.Has a small crush on Harry Styles even though he beats her up everyday and so does his friends. Louis knows everything too.


1. Random Assholes

Beca's pov

I walked into school wearing black skinneys white tanktop and a plaid button up shirt. With my combat boots i got for christmas.

The usual stares at me and my outfit choice.

I walked to my locker #876.

I put in the passcode 46-05-36. It open almost imedately.

I got a note from my best friend Louis Tomilinson dated to today 1-22-13.

Hey its me Louis i got you something for you today meet me at lunch at our table then ill give you the gift BYE BECA! 1-22-13  -Louis Tomilinson

He is so nice thank god hes my Best Friend or i would even call my self a loser.

"Hey bitch or should i say the nerd with one friend" Harry said laughing at me.

I turned around and smiled.

"Hi Harry! How are you?" I said.

"Im fine see you after school!" Harry said laughing.

Yup after school i turned back to my locker and got slapped on my back. OW!

I got all of my book and papers and closed my locker. I walked to my advisory and sat in the back. Louis walked in late as always. He came over to me and sat next to me. The whole class was talking to i thought ill talk to Lou.

"Lou why were you late today" I asked looking at him.

"I was getting your gift"he smirked.

"Whats my gift i wanna know!" i giggled.

"its top secret!" Louis laughed.

I took my glasses off and became serious. "Is it a Carrot?" I said looking into his eyes.

He laughed. "Yes!" he said happily.

"Okay Class zip the yap and study." Mrs.Ham shouted.

I shut up and started studying while others started to whisper.

Harry walked in and smiled.

"Harry Styles thats the 3rd time this week detention today." Mrs.Ham yelled. I snickeered.

"You too Beca I thought you wee better then this." Mrs.ham said.

I put my head down and went back to studying.

Harry sat down infront of me.

"See you in detention Beca!'' He whispered.

I cursed my self and went back to my studys.




I sat next to Louis and he handed me a carrot from his mums garden. It was washed and everything.

"Thanks Lou" I said taking a bite in my carrot.

"Assholes are headed to our table." Louis said in my ear. I looked at where they usually sit.


Perrie was the only one who didnt hit me or talk to me.

She sat next to me and Zayn sat across from her. Harry across from me and Niall across from Louis. Liam was sick so he was not here.

"Hello friends" Niall said taking my lunch away besides my carrot.

I sat there with my carrot in my hand and tryed to ignore the fact they are here.

"What are your plans today Louis?" I asked.

"Im hanging out with the family after school how about you?" Louis said eating his own carrot.

"Shes hanging out with me in detention" Harry laughed.

"No im going to the eye docters to pick up my new pair of glasses after detention." I said.

I live by my self because my parents are always on bisness.

"Ohhh!" Louis smiled.

I ate the rest of my carrot and stole Louis' water so i can drink it.

Harrys group were talking and me and Lou were making stupid jokes.

"Okay so what happened to the guy who droped to soap!"i said trying not to laugh.\

"He became a guys bitc!" Me and Lou started to crack up.

"Thats not even funny" Zayn said.

"To us it is" Louis said.

"Yeah to retards it is." Niall said.

"Whatever." I said in a rude tone.

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