It was suppose to be a summer of flirting, hookups, going to the bars, and getting drunk. Not a summer of love. So what happened to change that, a one night stand that wanted more. I tried to do anything to get away from him. And I do mean anything. But when the guy that is chasing you is Zayn Malik there is not that much you can do. No matter how much you try.


1. Prologue

"Just leave Zayn.  Shea doesn't want you here. Not anymore at least."  I hear Allison yell at Zayn through the door. 

"You can't speak for her. I want to speak to her. Now." He screamed at her. His voice filled with both anger and guilt.  

"Haven't you seen  what you did to her. You broke her. You ruined her. You changed her. And now you are back for her. After you hit her because you got mad she didn't do everything you told her. Just leave if you ever did truly love her that is."  Allison shot back her voice was filled with disgust.  This time she didn't yelling or scream at him.

"Shut up. You don't know anything. You think you know your best friend. You have no clue who she is.  You have no clue who I am . You don't know what happen. So if I were you I would shut your mouth." He said in the same tone Allison used on him. 

"Is that a threat Zayn. Because I am not scared of you. You can't do anything to me because unlike Emily I am not in love with you.  And I have been through too much so nothing you can do can hurt me."  Allison laughed. I knew what she said was true. Her life was anything but nice and easy. She wasn't easily hurt and when she was she didn't let anyone see it.

"Wanna bet." He said slyly before I heard the crack of skin hitting skin echo off the walls making me gasp and quickly cover up my mouth. 

"Is that all you got Zayn.  Hitting girls when they talk back or don't do what you say. I wonder what the press will do when they find out that the Zayn Malik is a woman abuser. They are going to have a field day.  " Allison said. I knew she had a smirk on her face. 

"You deserved it." He yelled at her. Obviously losing his temper more and more with each word Ali spoke.  

"No girl deserves this shit. Now leave or I am going to call the cops." She said in monotone. 

"No," He stated. It was silent for a long time. I stood up off the ground and wiped away my tears.  I  took a deep breath before opening the door.  I slowly walked down the hallway. My footsteps echoing throughout the hallway and into the living room.  Once I walked through the double doors their eyes were on me. I took a deep breath preparing myself to speak. 

"Zayn, she is right you need to leave." I spoke my voice weak.  They both looked shocked by this. 

"Please Em I love you. I am sorry. Just give me one more chance." He begged looking heart broken.   

"No, I can't do this.  I am sorry. "  

"You heard Emily. Now can you leave now?"  Ali spoke her tone cold and heartless I could tell that she was hurt. Probably more than me.

"I am sorry Emily and I do love you I hope you know that." He said before leaving.  

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