New House, New Life

Cianna has always been called a misfit. Due to her mixed irish, french, swedish, and german heritage. She has been called an idiot, stupid, and a freak. Her older sister, Chantel, has felt the same way. Their parent's couldn't take it anymore. Chantel has come home with mascara down her cheeks, her eyes were red, and sometimes her face was like a ghost. Cianna has come home with bloody noses, black eyes, bruises all over her, and mascara down her cheeks. The abuse (verbally and physically) had to come to an end.


2. Moving Day

It was 12:00 pm on Saturday when we moved. Chantelle and I had just gotten dressed, finished packing, and finished eating when we left. We met the family we were renting from. It was a father and his daughter. The dad's name is Anthony and the daughter's name is Abrielle. She was so pretty. It was a garage that they converted in to an apartment. My mom was pregnant at the time and Chantelle was getting ready to graduate. My room is lime green with little black spirals on it. Chantelle's is an ice blue. I loved it! The best part was I just made a friend. Turns out her mom died when Abrielle was born. I felt so sorry for her. Her mom's name was Brielle Renee Mason (Kroeger). Abrielle got her name from the "A" in her father's name and Brielle from her mom. She was the sweetest person you can ever meet! She told me about the school's anti-bullying policy and I fell in love with the school! I met alot of nice people at school. The guy I instantly clicked with was Drew Adair. He is SUPERCUTE! Abrielle introduced me to her boyfriend Niall. He became my friend. I never flirted much till I met Drew. The person who didn't like me was Alexandra Dawson. She had a crush on Drew since 1st grade when she moved here. Turns out my cousins, Chad, Ava, and Niam Turton go to this school too!

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