New House, New Life

Cianna has always been called a misfit. Due to her mixed irish, french, swedish, and german heritage. She has been called an idiot, stupid, and a freak. Her older sister, Chantel, has felt the same way. Their parent's couldn't take it anymore. Chantel has come home with mascara down her cheeks, her eyes were red, and sometimes her face was like a ghost. Cianna has come home with bloody noses, black eyes, bruises all over her, and mascara down her cheeks. The abuse (verbally and physically) had to come to an end.


1. Life As It Is

My life has always been hard. I have been called a misfit, an idiot, stupid, a freak, and a lot of others. I have come home with bloody noses, black eyes, bruises all over me, and mascara down my cheeks. It seems they enjoy my pain. I have the irish and swedish from my mom and french and german from my dad. That's why they're mean to me. All because of my mixed heritage. It's hard on my older sister and I. Then one day I came home with a bloody nose, I was bleeding on my wrist because one of the bullies tried to cut me with scissors, a black eye, and a lot of others. The wrist was the worst of it all! I was living in Dublin at the time. My parents got sick of all the abuse (verbally and physically). We moved to Mullingar in a 3 bedroom apartment. 

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