The Half Breds

Trance and her sisters are running from their father, and when running they bump into 3 friends, Jack, Jamie, and Michael. Follow the 6 half breeds into this dramatic and adventurous story.


1. New Friends, Old Problems.

*Author's Note*- You might think this story is cheesy, like the base line of it. But, don't worry, it's good, I think.*

For the Sun Clan, it was a joyous day, Prince Jamie was to be wed! For his mother and father, it was wonderful, Jamie on the other hand, wasn't too pleased about it. For one, His mother was planning everything, like seriously, everything... Jamie and his friends, Jack and Michael went for a forest walk to escape his insane mother. 

"So Jamie, You excited to get married?" Jack teased. Jamie stared at him like he was the devil himself. "I'll take that as a no." Michael stared at them both like they were on crack or something. 

"Guys..." Michael tried to get their attention, but they were too busy tackling each other. "GUYS!" Michael finally yelled. He raised his finger to a giant beast called a, "Trimoore." Jack and Jamie stood their in shock as the creature roared. Suddenly, red hair zoomed in between the two. The red haired girl leaped up and slammed her scythe into the Trimoore's head. The monster fell to the ground. The red head turned around to stare at them blankly. "Idiots..." The red head mocked before walking away. 

"Hey, who are you to call US idiots!?" Jamie yelled the answer. She turned around. She gave them all the death stare. The boys shriveled up in fear as she approached with scythe in hand. 

"I'm calling you guys Idiots, because I just saved you!" She growled, pointing her weapon at them. "A simple thank you would be nice..." She stood their staring into Jamie's eyes. He sighed.

"Alright... Thank you." Jamie said under his breathe. He looked up at her eyes. "One red eye and one blue?" He got closer to get a better look at her odd eyes. She growled and stalked away. A figure with black hair walked from a distance to greet the scary red head. 

"C'mon Trance, lets go..." The one with black hair said, while another with blonde hair came. 

"Twilight, Yua, I'm fine, and we don't need to go, they do!" She growled as she pointed at the embarrassed friends. Twilight turned to them then looked at the dead Trimoore next to them.

"What are you guys doing here anyways?'' Twilight questioned. Yua began to giggle uncontrollably for no apparent reason.  

"Staying alive?" Jack joked with a wink towards Twilight. Twilight let out a small chuckle in amusement. "I'm Jack by the way, that's Jamie and Michael." He continued as he pointed to his waving friends. Another growl came from Trance. 

"I'm going home, you coming Yua?" Trance said blankly. Yua nodded her head quickly before skipping along side Trance. Yua stopped and turned around. She waved her hand towards her, signaling for everyone to follow.  

Jack, Jamie, and Michael, awkwardly sat on the couch once they had gotten there. Jamie sat in the middle, being squished by Michael and Jack. He sighed and pushed both of them and stood up. He watched as Trance walked to the kitchen with Yua right behind her. She came back out with Yua stuffing her face with food. How is she so skinny for a heavy eater?, Michael thought to himself.

"So, what are 3 dudes doing in a forest alone with a Trimoore?" Twilight wondered. Jack  shrugged.

"Well, getting away from Jamie's psychotic mother for one." Jack laughed. Jamie put his face in one of his hands and shook his head. Yua giggled and threw a piece of sandwich at Twilight who was laughing as well. Trance grumbled at the sight of happiness. 

"Trance, c'mon be nice, they're not doing any harm." Yua whined. Trance turned towards her with a emotionless face. 

"They're Sun Clan." She said aloud pointing to their black sun tattoos on their necks. "Of course they're going to do harm." She stood up and pointed her scythe at the three boys. Twilight stared at the three boys in shocked. Yua had stopped giggling at this time.

"What's wrong with being Sun Clan?" Jamie challenged. He stood up and faced Trance. She tightened her grip around her scythe. She guarded Yua who was scaredly  hiding behind her. 

"Twilight take Yua and run..." Trance ordered firmly. Twilight opened her mouth to object but she bit back the words and did as she was told. She grabbed Yua's hand and ran outside the door without looking back.

"Um, Trance?" Jack confusedly asked. "What's going on?" Trance smirked creepily, and slammed the end of her scythe against his forehead, making him unconscious. Michael looked at her in shocked as she did the same to him. She turned to Jamie.

"Trance... Seriously, what's going on?" Jamie asked worriedly, taking a few steps backwards. She tried to do the same to him as she had done to the others, but he dodged her attack. She swung her scythe at him, he jumped backwards just in time. "Trance you need to stop! What's going on!?" He scaredly asked. She looked up at him.

"Ask your father..." She replied before darting away. He looked back at her as she ran. He blinked and looked down at the two morons that were passed out.  

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