The Half Breds

Trance and her sisters are running from their father, and when running they bump into 3 friends, Jack, Jamie, and Michael. Follow the 6 half breeds into this dramatic and adventurous story.


3. Friends or Foes?

It has been a week since the story that Twilight told, everyone was now traveling away from the Sun Clan kingdom. Trance's wound was now fully healed, but Yua got a twisted ankle and was being carried by Michael. Twilight and Jack laughed along the way, while Trance was 20 feet ahead of everyone, she hated too much noise.

"Hey Trance, wait up!" Yua flailed her arms in the air as she ran to her grumpy sister. Yua began to blab on and on about how cute Michael was or how she loves knives. Trance rubbed her temples in irritation.

"Please, Yua, you're giving me a headache.." Trance pleaded for Yua to stop. Yua opened her mouth to speak but slammed it shut and nodded. Trance sighed. She turned back to the group of four who were laughing at Michael, who had gotten his hand stuck in a tree hollow.

"Hey, Trance, could you help?" Jack laughed as he pointed to struggling Michael. Trance grumbled as she stalked over. He stood over Michael, burning a hatred gaze into him. He shriveled up in fear. She bent over and grabbed his wrist. She sneered then pulled his wrist out. A pop was heard then a girly scream from Michael. She stood up straight and went back to walking. 

"Trance did you have to break my wrist?" Michael cried as he held his wrist in pain. She turned back at him and nodded. Jamie laughed and started to walk. Michael got up and walked along side Yua. Trance stopped in her tracts. She glanced around the forest in alarm, she readied her scythe. 

"What is it?" Twilight asked, looking around the forest. Trance hushed Twilight. An arrow flew past Trance's head and into a tree. She growled and saw Sun Clan guards and the king approach. 

"Good job, Jamie. For bringing them here. You did well." The king congratulated his son. Trance turned around and faced Jamie. Anger burned in her eyes. "Guards, get the girls." The guards approached, Trance darted up a tree and readied her scythe. A guard grabbed Yua by the arm and pulled her to a carriage. 

"Yua, no!" Twilight wailed as she ran after her younger sister. A guard stopped her and pinned her to the ground. He restrained her hands with chain. "Let me go! Yua!" Twilight yelled and kicked the guard off her. Two more guards restrained her. Jack looked away with clenched fists. 

"Feisty ones, aren't they?" The king laughed in amusement. "Now, where's the third?" He looked around. Trance leaped down from the tree and slammed her scythe down on a guards head. The king stared at her with a sneer. "You're my favorite out of all the sisters, due to the power you have." Trance's eyes widened. She stepped back and turned to Jamie. The king ran at her with a dagger. He lodged the dagger into Trance's stomach. Twilight and Yua screamed in terror as Trance fell to her knees. 

"Father!" Jamie yelled at him. The king sneered at him.

"Son, what are you scared of the most?" The king smirked the question.

"The Nine-tailed Red Fox. The half bred one." Jamie stuttered. The king laughed  and looked down at Trance. 

"Trance, show everyone your true form... Or I'll have to make you." The king demanded, grabbing her by the neck. She spat blood into his face. He growled and threw her against a tree. Trance yelled in pain, as she stood up. The king grabbed a bow and aimed it at her. Jamie darted in front of Trance, spreading his arms trying to protect her. 

"Move out of the way, Jamie!" His father commanded. Jamie stood there determinedly and stared at the king. 

"Dad, don't do this..." Jamie said firmly. The king threw his bow on the ground. 

"You had this coming Jamie!" His father yelled at him then grabbed a sword. Jamie's hands turned into claw like swords. "Oh, how I forgot, you're the Black Fox." A small gasp came from Trance. Jamie darted at his father, slicing his side. The king fell, but he was still alive.

"You didn't have to do this." Jamie said then walked to Trance and picked her up. Jamie walked away from everyone with weak Trance in his arms.   

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