One Direction Preferences and Imagines

Anyone who wants an imagine or preference comment the boy, the event, and the name and I will try my best to make it!! love yall!
-Haley. <3


1. Personal Harry.

Harry had been gone on tour for a couple of months now, and I was starting to miss him. I have been staying with Mrs. Anne for a week now and Harry was finally coming home today. I was so excited to see him. I got up and dressed and put on my black sweat pants and Harry's jack wills hoodie. I washed my hair last night and let it dry by its self so I put it in a messy bun on the top of my head. When I was finished getting ready I walked into the kitchen to meet Mrs. Anne. We drove to the airport and waited for what felt like hours. I was so anxious to see Harry. Before I knew it they called over the speaker that their flight had just gotten in. "You wan't to walk up closer, Megi?" Mrs. Anne asks and I nod my head as we walk from the seats where we were waiting to where they get off of the plane. A couple minutes later Louis and Niall walked through the crowded walk way. "Hey!" They yelled at us and came and gave us a hug. "Where is Harry?" I asked looking around. "He fell asleep on the plane and Zayn was waking him up." Niall laughed in his boyish Irish accent. "Megi!" I hear in the noisy waiting room. I turn to see Harry carrying his luggage running towards me. He drops his luggage once he gets close and hugs me, picking me up and spinning in a circle. "I love you, Megi. I've missed you so much!"

a.n) I hope you liked it. I made this one on instagram earlier. Y'all are welcome to follow me on it. @the_guys_on_the_stairs 


If you would like a preference or imagine please comment what you want in the comments I would be glad to make it! Thanks!! 

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