Everything Happens For A Reason

Abrielle has suffered from many things. Her mom died four minutes after her birth, she has asthma, she was in a car accident, etc.. She tries to cope with these things but it just hurts her. Her cousins, Mikayla and McKenna, have pretty much been through the same thing. Just about 2 times worse. Will she manage to conquer these things or will she just let go....


2. Be True 2 Who U R

It was hard on Mikayla, McKenna, and their mom for about 6 weeks. Their mom never got the chance to tell my uncle Mason that she was pregnant. I felt so bad for them that if I went over to their house, I would cry! That was my uncle I watched die! I was 9 when I was in the car accident. My aunt Analeigh had a beautiful baby boy and named him after Mason. So his name is Mason Travis Makoola. I think that is a pretty name! He had a twin brother named Matthew Tyler Makoola. That name is not so cute but it'll do. They had to move because their house just got even smaller! They moved to Hanna, Canada, in a 5 bedroom house. 

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