Everything Happens For A Reason

Abrielle has suffered from many things. Her mom died four minutes after her birth, she has asthma, she was in a car accident, etc.. She tries to cope with these things but it just hurts her. Her cousins, Mikayla and McKenna, have pretty much been through the same thing. Just about 2 times worse. Will she manage to conquer these things or will she just let go....


1. Life Begins

I was 4 minutes old when my mom died. Me and my dad still have no idea why. All we know is she's gone. My little cousins Mikayla and McKenna have pretty much been through the same thing just 2 times worse. Their dad died when Mikayla was 8 and McKenna was 4. He died in a severe car crash that thier dad, my dad, and I were involved in. Mikayla was at her friends' house and McKenna and their mom went to McKenna's dentist appointment. So they had no idea any of this happened. Me and my dad survived with some minor cuts and bruises. My dad also had a broken rib too. My uncle Mason died after hitting the tree.

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